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Yes, Michel. Briefly, a few years ago I wrote a piece called "Time on the
Ledger" that sketches the rudiments of a social accounting framework that
could be used by a labour commons unionism. It's posted on Scribd:

On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 4:41 PM, Michel Bauwens <michel at p2pfoundation.net>

> Could you be very specific about this Tom,
> I work with post-corporate entrepreneurial coalitions and labour mutuals ,
> and it would be of interest to me if you could explain the practicalities
> of how this would work ?
> have you looked into contributive accounting systems like Sensorica's
> how does that relate to your ideas,
> for example:
> http://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Interfacing_Open_Peer_Production_Organizations_with_Classical_Institutions
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> I hope this article sparks the conversation that needs to take place. It
> certainly raises the issues that need to be addressed.
> In my view, the next step in thinking about labour, leisure and the commons
> is to conceptualize labour power as a common pool resource. Unions have
> traditionally bargained for collective terms for individualized work
> contracts, which reinforces the selling time for money paradigm. "A fair
> day's work for a fair day's wage." Treating labour power as a common pool
> resource, however, would require the development of an entirely different,
> social accounting framework in which collective interests of security and
> community -- commonalty, to use the Luddites' term -- are prioritized. I've
> written a few things on labour power as a common pool resource and Paul
> Burkett discussed the concept in Marx and Nature.
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