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Could you be very specific about this Tom,

I work with post-corporate entrepreneurial coalitions and labour mutuals ,
and it would be of interest to me if you could explain the practicalities
of how this would work ?

have you looked into contributive accounting systems like Sensorica's

how does that relate to your ideas,

for example:

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I hope this article sparks the conversation that needs to take place. It
certainly raises the issues that need to be addressed.

In my view, the next step in thinking about labour, leisure and the commons
is to conceptualize labour power as a common pool resource. Unions have
traditionally bargained for collective terms for individualized work
contracts, which reinforces the selling time for money paradigm. "A fair
day's work for a fair day's wage." Treating labour power as a common pool
resource, however, would require the development of an entirely different,
social accounting framework in which collective interests of security and
community -- commonalty, to use the Luddites' term -- are prioritized. I've
written a few things on labour power as a common pool resource and Paul
Burkett discussed the concept in Marx and Nature.

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