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Dear members of the Commons-Institut mailing lists (sorry for x-posting)

I would like to inform you about an *academic workshop* that I am
organizing at the University of Zürich in November 2016 on *“The Law of the
Commons” with Prof. Ugo Mattei*. You can find more information on the
workshop below, in the attachment or on this website

Because I am new to the Commons-Institut group, I was asked to shortly
introduce myself. So here I go: I am momentarily writing a dissertation in
political philosophy on the topic “Markets, Democracy and the Commons” at
the University of Zurich. One central aim of the thesis is to analyze
whether the concept of the commons actually fulfills the postulate that
they can overcome or countervail the inequalities and ecological
destruction brought about by capitalist economies. Besides analyzing the
concept of the commons, I argue, on the one hand, that in order to deal
with (and transform) these problematic and complex market mechanisms, one
must further the commons approach with concepts of economic democracy,
social and solidarity economy and alternative modes of finance, possibly
understanding the market also as a commons. On the other hand, I argue that
the state is required to support and ensure (commons) property rights, yet
must be democratized through diverse forms of participation and
co-production on diverse scales, also possibly conceptualizing the state as
a commons. Besides working on my dissertation, I am active in a few
“prosumer” cooperatives mostly revolving around food and farming, including
comedor <http://foodcoop-comedor.ch>, ortoloco <http://www.ortoloco.ch> and
especially the dairy co-op basimilch <http://basimil.ch>. Finally, I have
two children who are 3,5 and 1 year(s) old. Well I think that’s enough
about me.
Please feel free to forward the call for papers to everyone you know, who
might be interested in the workshop (maybe without my personal,
biographical note, however).
It would be great to meet some of you at the workshop!
All the best,


Call for Papers:

*Workshop “The Law of the Commons”*

*With Prof. Ugo Mattei *(University of California, Hastings College of the
Where: University of Zurich, Switzerland
When: 24th November 2016

In the workshop we will discuss the work of Ugo Mattei, with a focus on his
newest book *The Ecology of Law: Towards a Legal System in Tune with Nature
and Community*(2015). The workshop will also provide doctoral students with
the opportunity to present and discuss their work on the commons from
diverse perspectives, yet with a focus on political and legal philosophy. A
more detailed description of the workshop can be found here:

Abstracts of 300 to 500 words should be submitted to lukas.peter at uzh.ch by
the 15th of September 2016. Accepted participants will be notified by the 30
th of September 2016.

There is no participation fee. A few travel bursaries for Swiss graduate
students are available. If you wish to be considered please submit a travel
budget in addition to your abstract.

The workshop is sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation and
supported by DemocracyNet.eu and NCCR Democracy.

Contact: Lukas Peter (lukas.peter at uzh.ch)


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