[P2P-F] [NetworkedLabour] Workerism Beyond Fordism: On the Lineage of Italian Workerism

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Thanks Peter it is very good article.  

"On the other hand the unionization of freelance workers in the United State has assumed a much greater amplitude, thanks to a woman named Sara Horowitz, who in the last years of the ’90s created the Freelancers Union (FU) which today counts almost 250,000 members. Thanks to the financial support of many private foundations, the FU has constituted an Insurance Company which offers to its members financial coverage and assistance in case of illness.21" 

In the Netherlands there is a free lancers Union that provide consultation too, also unions also offer private insurance to workers -sometimes less advantageous ten competitor companies- as fu does. Sergio Bologna, somewhere at the beginning, says 'workerists admire the enemy'. So that enemy funds foundation of free lancers union, similar to the auto workers' union story as I quoted some time ago from Dyer Witheford, there is no word of unions and them becoming part of the body of the enemy. Sounds like from Bologna's writing and style the line between workerism and capitalism is less thin then one would expect from a workerist. 


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> https://viewpointmag.com/2014/12/15/workerism-beyond-fordism-on-the-lineage-of-italian-workerism/#container
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