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Hi Michel,

As Uber gears up for another class-action lawsuit in its pursuit of lenient
workplace standards, 61% of sharing economy drivers are continuing to pay
for a portion, if not all, of their vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Since the majority of ride-hailing services classify its workers as
independent contractors, sharing economy employees aren’t granted
government-mandated wage standards, overtime pay or proper reimbursement

A Runzheimer study
<https://www.runzheimer.com/resources/sharing-economy-report> released
today surveyed adults who actively drive for sharing economy companies,
delving into how sharing economy brands reimburse and compensate drivers,
as well as drivers’ perceptions of their allowances and benefits.

Key findings include:

   - Almost half (48%) of all drivers have logged miles for their sharing
   economy gig while on the clock for their full-time, non-sharing economy job
   - 89% of sharing economy drivers track their on-the-job mileage, but the
   majority (72%) of this group do so manually, or using generic solutions
   - 93% of sharing economy drivers feel they would have more time to spend
   working if their employer offered tools that made it easier to track mileage

I’m happy to share a PDF version of the full report and put you in touch
with Austin Klein from Runzheimer to discuss the study’s findings in-depth.


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