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Dear Friends and Colleagues

Published today (Monday October 5, 2015) on *Independent Science News*:

*Why Cancer Research Has Stalled*
by T Colin Campbell (Jacob Gould Schurman Prof Emeritus, Cornell)


*Synopsis:* The failure of science and medicine to prevent or significantly
treat the current epidemic of cancer is not necessarily due to the inherent
invincibility of the disease. T Colin Campbell, cancer biologist and
nutrition researcher, proposes that the primary reason for lack of progress
is paradigm failure: that medical science is mired in the faulty dogma that
cancer is primarily a genetic disease.
According to mainstream thinking, cancer results from an accumulation of
mutations in cells and tumours. These mutations result from certain
mutagenic risk factors, inheritance, or just bad luck. Therefore cancer, by
inference, is typically irreversible. But Prof. Campbell points out that
his research, and that of many others, indicates that many known causes of
cancers are non-mutagenic factors. These include nutrition, hormones,
stress, and non-mutagenic man-made chemicals. The nature of these factors
suggests that cancer might be reversible, preventable, or curable by
non-invasive and non-toxic means.  Despite the persistent failure of
medical science to defeat this disease such treatments are nevertheless

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