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Dear Michel Bauwens,

The Sustainable Development Goals – despite their positive and progressive
rhetoric – by no means constitute a transformative agenda for restructuring
the global economy and meeting the basic needs of all people within the
means of our shared planet. As we explain in STWR’s latest report
<http://news-stwr.org/M4P-3PNLS-GR70YU-1SKHKY-1/c.aspx>, the basic
assumptions that define the SDGs discourse – that life is improving for the
majority of humanity, that unfettered economic growth and
development-as-usual can continue indefinitely into the future, and that
the world is on course to completely eradicate poverty by 2030 – are
fatally flawed and misleading.

According to estimates highlighted in the report, almost 4.2 billion people
still live in severe poverty, and more than 46,000 people die needlessly
every day simply because they do not have access to life’s essentials –
totalling around 17 million avoidable deaths each year. For how much longer
can we allow this daily tsunami of fatalities to continue unabated, while
policymakers and agenda-setting institutions are failing to adequately
address (or even recognise) the full extent of this global emergency?

The weak outcomes in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development underline
how it is futile to place faith in the aspirations and vague commitments of
the world’s governments, who continue to follow an outmoded economic
paradigm while failing to enact the urgent measures that are necessary to
end needless human deprivation within an immediate time-frame.

As the report concludes, now is the time to pursue a strategy for global
transformation based on solidarity with the world’s poor through a united
demand for governments to guarantee the basic rights set out in Article 25
of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: for adequate food, shelter,
healthcare, and social security for all. The responsibility for change
falls squarely on the shoulders of us all – ordinary engaged citizens – to
march on the streets in enormous numbers and forge a formidable public
voice in favour of ending the injustice of hunger and poverty in all its

*You can read the report here:*

Beyond the Sustainable Development Goals: uncovering the truth about global
poverty and demanding the universal realisation of Article 25

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