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10TH, 2015
Sacred Water of Life

*‘Water gives life to the world and does not strive.’ – Lao Tsu*

Dear Readers,

It is the source of all Life, yet in most ‘developed’ places we take it for
granted. Still, few could go even a single day without it. So, consider
that 1 in 9 people worldwide do not have access to safe and clean water.
What would you do if you could not provide a drink of water to your
child? The United Nations estimates that Sub-Saharan Africa alone uses 40
billion hours per year collecting water; the same as an entire year’s labor
in all of France. It’s usually fetched by women and girls.

March 22nd is World Water Day. We have compiled some basic resources to
help imagine the kind of future we want as fresh water becomes increasingly
scarce. How will we manage this precious resource fairly so the needs of
all Life can be met? How can we use water as a means to build cooperation
and trust, instead of another excuse for conflict?

We hope you use this time to remember Water, enjoy its beauty and think to
conserve it however you can; maybe take part in efforts to protect and
maintain your local watershed, or contribute in even deeper ways. According
to the World Health Organization, for every $1 invested in water and
sanitation, there is an economic return of between $3 and $34.

Please share these articles. On Twitter, you can use #WorldWaterDay and
#WaterIs to share messages about Water and Sustainability @UN-Water. And
visit http://www.unwater.org/worldwaterday
learn more.

Water is a beautiful metaphor for the mind. We speak of being ‘in the
flow’, our feelings as calm or troubled, our emotions ‘stirred’. Perhaps
it’s because we ourselves are mostly composed of water, and we recall our
primordial source, the pull of the sea. Ours is a state of interbeing with
all the waters of the earth…yesterday’s wandering cloud is surely the tea
in our cup today. The changing season reminds us of water’s remarkable
ability to transform and to carve a new course when needed.

May we be like that.

Rhonda Fabian

Digital Editor, Kosmos


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Knowing Water: World Water Day 2015

March 22nd is World Water Day. To be conversant about water and issues
around its uses, here are some fascinating facts and statistics compiled by
UN Water.

97.5% of all water on Earth is salt water, leaving only 2.5% as fresh
water. Of this nearly 70% is frozen in the icecaps of Antarctica and
Greenland; most of the remainder is present as soil moisture, or lies in
deep underground aquifers as groundwater not accessible to human use. Only
1% of the world’s fresh water is accessible for direct human uses – all
uses – including drinking, bathing, agriculture and manufacturing.

Maude Barlow on the water crisis in Brazil

“My deep belief is that we are not looking at the big picture when we
create economic and development policy. Almost every government in the
world bases all their policies on the growth imperative. Unlimited growth,
more stuff, more trade, less regulation, more power to the corporations.
It’s no coincidence that it’s good for certain wealthy groups that can buy
their way out of this crisis. This system is destroying water. We do not
have the right kind of thinking in most capitals… If they talk about water
it’s as a result of climate change, but it’s not a result of climate
change, the abuse of water and the displacement of water from where it
should be, is one of the causes of climate change. And we absolutely need a
separate process. Governments have to wake up.” – Maude Barlow

Transboundary Water Cooperation – a brief overview

by Rhonda Fabian

Water Cooperation agreements are becoming increasingly important and there
are numerous examples where transboundary waters have proved to be a source
of cooperation rather than conflict.

Mobilizing political will and commitment to address water issues worldwide
is critical now, and new ways are needed to approach local, regional and
international cooperation, including strong citizen participation in
decision-making. The people who rely on waterways for survival and
livelihood should be the first ones consulted on its fair use at the local,
bioregional and international levels. And all decisions have to be made in
a way that respects the biophysical limits of the earth.

Sacred Waters – Messages from two Indigenous Wisdom Keepers

“According to the Ancestors we believe that the milky way is the cosmic
river that appears each night in the sky and that touches the tips of two
important glaciers in the Andes. From this connection the milky way donates
a part of herself and gives us the sacred water that is then manifested
here on Earth as a legacy for all of humanity. It is this sacred water that
creates our rivers and oceans and that connects us here on Earth to our
origins in the stars.” – Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta

A Kosmos Gallery – ICE, by Jasmine Rossi

ICE (H20) is an ongoing project that portrays the effects of Global
Warming. The world, as it has been for millennia, is changing and Jasmine
Rossi has chosen photography as a medium to stir our conscience and make us
reflect on the dire question of the future of our planet.

Blue ice was formed at a time when the poles had not yet been reached by
man, and the world was still uncontaminated. It may be hundreds, even
thousands, of years old and is a metaphor for the purity lost.

Green ice is extremely rare, and also dates back from a time when the
planet was still pristine. Green ice includes microscopic algae, and is a
metaphor for the delicate composition of the ocean’s waters and the balance
of the elements on the planet.

New Generation: Teen invents solar water purification that generates

Via – A Mighty Girl

17-year-old Mighty Girl Cynthia Lam of Melbourne, Australia wants to help
people living without access to clean water and electricity — and this
ingenious young inventor has developed a device that can purify water and
generate electricity using only the power of the sun!
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