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fyi about the enspiral governance model

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( or pdf :


also see this post on Loomio about Reciprocity Licenses

Simon :

*" Scoop (a news organisation in NZ) has become an enspiral venture and
apparently uses something like a CBRL
for use of its content* "

Bob asking to Simon :

how did Scoop become an enspiral venture? (That’s interesting in itself, as
an example of software ecosystem evolution.)

Simon's reply :

They went through the process described at


Becoming an Enspiral Venture Process:

   1. New company writes a company introduction based on the existing
   2. Their introduction is posted in the members Loomio, to let members
   know about them and provide a space for discussion, questions, comments,
   etc (no proposal yet).
   3. A one month “getting to know” you phase starts, which goes both ways
   of them getting to know us and us getting to know them. New company people
   come on G+ and Loomio, members make an effort to talk to them, meet for
   coffee, etc, and they ask any questions and clarify the value proposition
   and values fit on both sides.
   4. We ask the company if they definitely want to join, and if so, a
   proposal is started in the above Loomio discussion for members to
   officially approve or not.
   5. If approved (by consensus - with 75% member engagement), the company
   and the Foundation officially determine the contribution relationship
   (revenue share, etc).
   6. We have a welcome celebration!

 Being an Enspiral Venture Give

   1. Revenue share - choose % and $ cap and rate
   2. Engagement with the Network
      - Transparency, we share data and internal information with each
      - Reporting, we take the time to summarise our activities and update
      the Network.
      - Communications, reps from each company are active with core comms,
      including Loomio, responding to requests from News, and Google+
      - Ventures also offer the network other in kind contributions as they


   - Benefits described above
   - Profile on enspiral.com website
   - Represent as an official enspiral company
   - Full use of enspiral.com backend
   - Company Box access

 Special Types of Ventures

There are three additional types of Enspiral Ventures which have slightly
different relationships with the network.
 Enspiral Services Teams

Enspiral Services Limited houses multiple teams who share a common legal
structure to increase collaboration and reduce overheads. Some of those
teams may apply to be full ventures in their own right. The ones that do
act as individual ventures in every other way and the fact they part of
Enspiral Services is more of a legal footnote than a substantive
 Enspiral Branded Ventures

An Enspiral Branded Venture behaves like a regular venture except it
carries the Enspiral name in its title and uses the Enspiral logo as part
of its core identity. The shared branding has additional benefits and risks
to the network so they have a few more criteria

   - All staff (directors and employees - excluding external contractors)
   must be Enspiral Contributors
   - If the venture ever leaves the network they must remove any Enspiral
   branding from their name or logo

 Enspiral Owned Companies

An Enspiral owned company (eg Enspiral Spaces) is wholly owned by the
Enspiral Foundation and are assets that are collectively held by the

   - Status <https://status.github.com/>
   - API <https://developer.github.com>
   - Training <http://training.github.com>
   - Shop <http://shop.github.com>
   - Blog <https://github.com/blog>
   - About <https://github.com/about>


Check out the Commons Transition Plan here at: http://commonstransition.org

P2P Foundation: http://p2pfoundation.net  - http://blog.p2pfoundation.net

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