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Dear Friends and Colleagues

Published Today (July 27th 2015) in *Independent Science News*

*Neoliberal Ebola: The Agroeconomic Origins of the Ebola Outbreak*
by Rob Wallace, PhD

*Synopsis:* The West African Ebola virus outbreak of 2014/2015 killed over
11,000 people. The outbreak has been assumed in the Western media and
elsewhere to be caused by a novel Ebola virus strain. The scientific
evidence, however, does not suggest the strain responsible is in anyway
unusual. So, if not the virus itself, what else might explain the outbreak?
The regions affected by Ebola are undergoing environmental disruption,
social upheaval and often impoverishment as a result of land use changes
and "investment." Funded by European and other international sources, large
parts of West Africa are being transformed by landgrabbing, systematic
plunder and forest decimation. However, this agroeconomic story has been
lost from most media accounts. This is profoundly unfortunate. Not only is
it an important story in its own right, it is also a better explanation of
the origins of the Ebola outbreak. Equally crucially, it has implications
for agriculture and the prevention of future disease outbreaks worldwide.

The author is an evolutionary biologist and public health phylogeographer
currently visiting the Institute of Global Studies at the University of

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