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Fuchs, Christian. 2016. Reading Marx in the Information Age. A Media and
Communication Studies Perspective on Capital, Volume 1. New York:


This book is a comprehensive guide to Marx’s most important and
groundbreaking work. Christian Fuchs provides a thorough,
chapter-by-chapter introduction to Capital Volume 1 that assists
undergraduate and postgraduate readers in making sense of Marx in the
information age, exploring Marx’s key concepts through the lens of media
and communication studies via current-day phenomena like the Internet,
digital labour, social media, the media industries, and digital class
struggles. Discussion questions and exercises at the end of each chapter
help readers to further apply Marx’s work to a modern-day context.

Introduction Part I: Commodities and Money 1. Prefaces, Postfaces and
Chapter 1: The Commodity 2. The Process of Exchange 3. Money, or the
Circulation of Commodities Part II: The Transformation of Money into
Capital 4. The General Formula for Capital 5. Contradictions in the General
Formula 6. The Sale and Purchase of Labour-Power Part III: The Production
of Absolute Surplus-Value 7. The Labour Process and the Valorization
Process 8. Constant Capital and Variable Capital 9. The Rate of Surplus
Value 10. The Working Day 11. The Rate and Mass of Surplus-Value Part IV:
The Production of Relative Surplus-Value 12. The Concept of Relative
Surplus-Value 13. Co-operation 14. The Division of Labour and Manufacture
15. Machinery and Large-Scale Industry Part V: The Production of Absolute
and Relative Surplus-Value 16. Absolute and Relative Surplus-Value 17.
Changes of Magnitude in the Price of Labour-Power and in Surplus-Value18.
Different Formulae for the Rate of Surplus-Value Part VI: Wages 19. The
Transformation of Value (and Respectively the Price) of Labour-Power into
Wages 20. Time-Wages 21. Piece-Wages 22. National Differences in Wages Part
VII: The Process of Accumulation of Capital 23. Simple Reproduction 24. The
Transformation of Surplus-Value into Capital 25. The General Law of
Capitalist Accumulation Part VIII: So-Called Primitive Accumulation 26.
Part VIII: So-Called Primitive Accumulation 27. Appendix: Results of the
Immediate Process of Production 28. Conclusion Appendix 1: Thomas Piketty’s
Book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century", Karl Marx, and the Political
Economy of the Internet Appendix 2: Knowledge, Technology, and the General
Intellect in the Grundrisse and its Fragment on Machines

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