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Dear All

Further to our discussions re Open / Data / Freelancer Coops – I’m sure you
will find the following of interest (please spread the word!).

And, very well done Pat et al ;-)


The case for co-operation

A new book outlining fifty innovations to boost the British economy is out
from the network for co-operative businesses, Co-operatives UK.

Based on three years of research, The Co-operative Advantage
<http://shop.newint.org/uk/co-operative-advantage-ebook.html> analyses
growth sectors around which economic co-operation has an edge and a fit
that offers a competitive advantage. The 50 potential innovations dovetail
with emerging trends in technology and markets and the total economic value
of the sectors examined add up to 61% of overall GDP and account for 64% of
total employment in the UK.

The innovations range from social co-operatives, where staff and users run
care services together, to data co-ops giving people control over data
about them and a freelancers’ union for the growing numbers of
self-employed people.

Ed Mayo, the editor or the multi-authored book and secretary general
of Co-operatives
UK <http://www.uk.coop/>, said:

“Britain needs to nurture a new approach for economic success. A vital
ingredient will be harnessing current innovation trends that encourage a
far stronger dose of economic collaboration.  Many of the world’s most
successful firms are achieving results by embracing collaboration –
creating informal networks, harnessing customers’ ideas, empowering their
employees. In an innovation economy, where knowledge is the new currency,
businesses must co-operate to compete. “

“The co-operative advantage is realised by giving the people involved in a
business – the employees, the customers, the suppliers – a stake in it.
Their participation has a triple effect, boosting innovation, productivity
and entrepreneurship.”

The Co-operative Advantage has been described by Geoff Mulgan, Chief
Executive of Nesta, as “a very substantial, impressive book”. It is
published by the co-operative, New Internationalist -

Best wishes,


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