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Subject: Call for Papers IASC Thematic Conference on Urban Commons
(Bologna, 6-7 Nov.), deadline 9 Aug. and other IASC Conferences

 Dear Sir, Madam,

The Research Team Institutions for Collective Action would kindly like to
draw your attention to the call for papers for the  1st IASC Thematic
Conference on Urban Commons (Bologna, Italy, 6-7 November 2015; deadline
abstracts: 9 August 2015) as well as to the other IASC-conferences
scheduled for 2015-2017.

Kind regards,

René van Weeren

Project Assistant Research Team Institutions for Collective Action

Executive Director IASC (per 1 July 2015)


*Call for Papers for the  1st IASC Thematic Conference on Urban Commons*
(Bologna, 6-7 November 2015),

hosted by the Laboratory for Governance of Commons (LabGov) and the Urban
Law Center of Fordham University

*Deadline abstracts*    9 August 2015

*Conference website*  www.labgov.it/urbancommons

*Full version call for papers > see attachment*

Inspired by the recently implemented* Bologna Regulation on Collaboration
for the Care and Regeneration of the Urban Commons*, as well as by other
commons-based experiments in cities around Italy by the LabGov project
(e.g. Co-Mantova, Co-Battipaglia and Co-Palermo), the 1st IASC Thematic
Conference on the Urban Commons will bring together leading scholars,
researchers, policymakers, practitioners and social innovators to take
stock of the developments in the interdisciplinary study of the urban
commons and related questions of urban governance. Although the urban
commons has increasingly appeared as a topic of scholarly inquiry, there
has yet to be sustained attention to the research questions, methodologies,
and disciplinary approaches necessary to more fully conceptualize and
develop the idea of the “urban commons” and the new challenges and facets
it introduces into the ongoing study of the commons in diverse fields.

The conference will seek to better understand the idea of urban commons at
different scales, under what circumstances and contexts urban commons
emerge, what contributes to their durability and effectiveness, and what
undermines them.  The conference will stress the importance of an "urban
commons narrative" for urban infrastructure, urban welfare, and urban
development. Additionally, the conference will focus on questions of urban
governance and will explore different frameworks for governing common urban
resources, and the city, in a collaborative manner. The conference will
highlight six thematic questions, which are:

        i.            Conceiving the Urban Commons

      ii.            Mapping the Urban Commons

    iii.            The Urban Commons and Democratic Innovation

     iv.            The Collaborative/Sharing Economy as the Basis for a
Commons-Based Urban Economy

       v.            Social innovation as the Basis for a Commons-Based
Urban Welfare

     vi.            Designing and Governing the City as a Commons

These thematic areas will be examined through two full days of plenary
panels, keynote presentations, and parallel sessions with selected papers
from the call for papers. The conference will conclude with a roundtable
discussion intended to reflect on the methods and future directions for
urban commons research.

Abstracts may be submitted for any of the six thematic tracks described
above from June 20 onwards via *urbancommons at labgov.it*
<urbancommons at labgov.it>.. The abstracts shall consist of a 500 word
maximum description of the research or paper and its originality or value
for urban commons studies. All abstracts should be submitted *before 10
August 2015, 12:00 AM CET.*

*Other upcoming IASC-Conferences 2015-2017*

In addition to the conference mentioned above, the following
IASC-conferences have been scheduled for 2015-2017:

*IASC Regional Conference (Europe), 10-13 May 2016, Bern, Switzerland (see
flyer in attachment)*

‘Commons in a 'glocal' world: global connections and local responses’

Hosted by the University of Bern.

*3rd IASC Thematic Conference on Knowledge Commons, 20-21 October 2016,
Paris, France*

‘Advancing knowledge commons through legal and social changes’

Hosted by SciencesPro and The Université Catholique de Louvain

*IASC Regional Conference (N. America/Arctic), Fall 2016, Anchorage,
Alaska, USA*

‘Reality, richness, and responsibility of an arctic commons’

Hosted by the Institute of the North

*XVIth Biennial IASC Conference, 10-14 July 2017, Utrecht, The Netherlands
(*See www.iasc2017.org)

‘Practicing the commons’

Hosted by Utrecht University

A poster overview of these conferences can be found tin the attachments of
this e-mail.

Keep updated on all these and other conferences via the website of the IASC


Check out the Commons Transition Plan here at: http://commonstransition.org

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