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Capture All_Play - An interview with McKenzie Wark

Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow interview McKenzie Wark ahead of his keynote
speach for Transmediale 2015 in Berlin this year.


It's ten years since McKenzie Wark published his influential book, A Hacker
Manifesto. Divided into 17 chapters, each offers a series of short,
numbered paragraphs that mimic the epigrammatic style of Guy Debord’s The
Society of the Spectacle. Wark then published, amongst others, a series of
critically engaging books such as Gamer Theory and the Spectacle of
Disintegration. Catlow and Garrett from Furtherfield ask Wark how things
have changed since these publications, focusing on the way our everyday
lives have been infiltrated by competitive game-like mechanisms that he
described more than a decade ago.

Ruth Catlow will be at Transmediale 2015 CAPTURE ALL, moderating the
keynote Capture All_Play with McKenzie Wark, on Sat, 31 Jan at 18:00.

Ruth is also participating in two other events, Play as a Commons:
Practical Utopias & P2P Futures and The Post-Digital Review: Cultural
Commons - http://www.transmediale.de/content/ruth-catlow
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