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[image: Literature and the Creative Economy]
and the Creative Economy

*Sarah Brouillette*

   "Brouillette has written what will quickly become the definitive account
of contemporary British literature—and of the now pandemic effort to
monetize creativity. Over the last twenty years, management gurus, policy
wonks, and academics of all stripes have set out to calculate the value of
self-expression, both to local and national economies and the legions of
precarious workers now encouraged to style themselves self-promoting
entrepreneurs. Poets and novelists have made similar if far more complex
calculations, argues Brouillette's brilliant study, even as they've kept a
melancholy eye fixed on the slow but seemingly unstoppable erosion of their
art's autonomy."—Michael Szalay, UC Irvine

   "Sarah Brouillete's *Literature and the Creative Economy* is a
potentially pathbreaking work that does not simply critique the idea of the
creative economy, but rather shows us how it actually works—most
innovatively, in the changes it has produced in the institution of
literature itself."—Nicholas Brown, University of Illinois at Chicago

   For nearly twenty years, social scientists and policy makers have been
highly interested in the idea of the creative economy. This book contends
that mainstream considerations of the economic and social force of culture,
including theories of the creative class and of cognitive and immaterial
labor, are indebted to historic conceptions of the art of literary
authorship. What's more, it shows how contemporary literature has been
involved in and has responded to creative-economy phenomena, including the
presentation of artists as models of contentedly flexible and self-managed
work, the treatment of training in and exposure to art as a pathway to
social inclusion, the use of culture and cultural institutions to increase
property values, and support for cultural diversity as a means of growing
cultural markets.

   Contemporary writers have not straightforwardly bemoaned these phenomena
in a classic rejection of the instrumental application of art. Rather, they
have tended to explore how their own critical capacities have become
compatible with or even essential to a neoliberal economy that has embraced
art's autonomous gestures as proof that authentic self-articulation and
social engagement can and should occur within capitalism. Taking a
sociological approach to literary criticism, Brouillette interprets major
works of contemporary fiction by Monica Ali, Aravind Adiga, Daljit Nagra,
and Ian McEwan alongside government policy, social science, and theoretical
explorations of creative work and immaterial labor.

*Sarah Brouillette* is Associate Professor of English at Carleton
University. She is the author of *Postcolonial Writers and the Global
Literary Marketplace* (2007).

Stanford University Press

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