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Dear friends,

As you already know tomorrow is the elections day in Greece. First I have
to thank you all for your solidarity during these difficult years for the
Greek people. Even if there might be some uncertainty on the outcome of the
forthcoming negotiations, the most important issue for us is the
restoration of democracy and human rights in the country.

The latest news are that we are expecting a spectacular victory of SYRIZA
tomorrow with a difference of 7-10% from the second party. The conservative
party shows a picture of accelerated electoral decomposition the last 3-4
days which is expected to reinforce smaller parties, especially the crypto
neoliberal, non-democratic party "Potami" headed by a former TV journalist.
Αn instrument of the Greek cleptocracy with the basic aim to prevent the
formation of a SYRIZA government. The Greek cleptocracy and their allies,
especially in Germany, are clearly investing in the defensive strategy to
force the formation of an alliance government as a first step to undermine
a left government in Greece. The major question of the elections tomorrow
is whether SYRIZA will manage to get the absolute majority of the seats.
This depends on :

1. The percentage that SYRIZA will manage to get
2. The percentage of the votes in parties that will not be represented in
the parliament (parties with less than 3%). A higher percentage benefits
the first party.

It will be the first time in the last 30 years that neoliberalism will be
defeated in a European country. It is a major step forward but it is only
the beginning of an even more difficult battle  ahead. We will never manage
to win if there is no mobilization of people in your countries and if you
do not manage to initiate a wave of progressive political change in your
own countries. I think that the central idea of SYRIZAs campaign ('Hope is
on the way! Greece is changing, Europe is changing")  is accurately
reflecting this fact.

Best regards

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