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Hi Anna, thanks for the reply and feedback! It souds much better to me
to be honest also to break with the mental-manual labour division
which I see as the beginning of the wrong path we took as human
civilisation, or forced to take. I do not the expertise at the moment
to argue this with references to etnnogrpahic and antropologic
sources, but it is kind of obvious that in case we do not manage this,
we wil be reproducing today's and future's class divisions and
struggles. I think and belive the method of self- and mutual-learning
by exchange and by adding on top of what we each already know, and
having a shared commons produced by those recognise each others as
peers -class division reproduction free- like we do it on the e-lists
and social networks. So can I please add this proposal to the draft
list of offered courses,with your name as tutor?

Meanwhile I just gave a concrete form to the overall project and
submitted the below proposal to Coopfunding.net, a cooperative funding
project developed by Catalan Integral Coperative. As you will see your
course fits perfectly to the objective:

"GNUnion aims at

1.  Creating one big mesh network for the working people from the
Global South and Global North by linking autonomous networks and
communities of high-tech/knowledge, industrial and service workers;
domestic, immigrant, rural, jobless and future workers; solidarity,
activism and research networks; labour, environmental, social justice
and information freedom activists,

2. Hyper-, and self-empowerment of the individual nodes and networks

3.  Emancipation of human labour, creativity and potential from
current dominant system, based on waged slavery, by mesh networking
existing and working alternatives and building new ones,

4. Combining labour, digital, creative and media activism to confront
system with transnationally meshed, systemic and strategic mass

The network of the projects we design and develop focuses on
self-organizing and connecting like-minded peers and their network
bases to each other strategically and synergetically. To this end we
build dynamic, free, libre, and open access spaces and tools through
which our collective agendas, struggles, and energies can entangle
with each other, and we can act upon them harmonically. Variety of
projects listed below invites like minded peers to use the individual
social and communicational power they have and collaborate around
dynamic, creative and positive projects empowering them. By combining
peer to peer social dynamics and technologies, and embedding them into
our internal and external processes and relations we ultimately target
global emancipation of labour and the commons from the capital, by
empowering all the single nodes joining in collaborating creation of a
commons humanity.

Read the rest here:

I would like to communicate details futher, may be on skype or
somthing else, will email you to arrange a call!

talk soon, Orsan

On 13 January 2015 at 18:07, Anna Harris <anna at shsh.co.uk> wrote:
> Hello Orsan and all,
> I welcome this invitation to pool our resources, asking us to offer
> we may have to contribute.
> Transformative Circles
> 'What transforms a meeting into a circle is the willingness of people to
> shift from informal socializing or opinionated discussion into a receptive
> attitude of thoughtful speaking and deep listening. (Peerspirit.com)
> 'The main objective of collective thought is constructing. This meaning,
> people with different ideas combining their energy in order to build
> something. Then, it is not about my idea or yours. It will be the two
> together that produce a new outcome that we did not know about in the
> place. This is why active listening in which we are not just preparing for
> our next intervention is so necessary. Collective thought is born once we
> understand that every opinion, ours and those different to ours, all of
> them, are needed in order to generate the idea of consensus; an idea
> after being indirectly constructed, will transform us.' (Sol text for
> assemblies)
> For a few years now I have been participating in groups which provide a
> regular space for people to share what is going on for them in their
> where they can express something about the challenges of their personal
> journey, in an atmosphere of acceptance, without judgement, approval or
> disapproval. This level of communication, which requires intention and
> presence, is rare in our society, and can bring enrichment to social
> relationships. It also offers valuable support for people who may be
> experiencing social pressures, unemployed, or stuck in a boring job which
> gives no satisfaction, feel hopeless or a failure, often signed off as
> with depression, leading to guilt and shame, or cut off, isolated, at home
> on their own, seeing everyone else portrayed in the media as leading
> successful lives. Being able to link these emotions with some
> of how this capitalist system affects people's lives, what is happening
> economically, or politically, can enable people to realise they are not
> alone, that we share a common struggle. Sometimes through this deep
> listening, we tune in to something universal, some might call it
> consciousness, and our hearts feel nourished and refreshed.
> My intention is to provide this facility free online on Skype, Fuze, or
> similar. I initiate the group but I am an equal participant, and share
> responsibility with the other participants. I am happy to provide more
> details.
> This may be different from the sort of courses you are offering. I would
> welcome more discussion around the importance of including this in a full
> education.
> Anna
> On 10 Jan 2015, at 19:58, Orsan <orsan1234 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Things are getting more concrete in terms of the workers owned cooperative
> education design I have been working on. Will briefly introduce the below
> also to faricoop, and faircoop members.  in order to both ask contributing
> design and content, but also and in case if they like to registering any
> courses, or what would they need to learn for in exchange faircoins or
> ever they have to offer. Bob Haugen just kindly asked if the app they
> help -app wise- in coordination of needs and offers, can be bartered, and
> replied him below:
> "The thick lines are as below, may help to visualize for you and Lynn:
> We..
> - offer several practice/skill sharing/exchange courses and several theory
> courses, of which were complete modules, as well as fixed tutors.
> - then like February will open registrations for the courses, that would
> start May first. Those courses with enough registration like 15-20 will be
> destined to take off.
> - when we talk to comrades potential tutors, and ask them suggest courses,
> we want to show them what we have in faircoop framework they could get in
> exchange. For instance I have free text-document digitalization service to
> offer, as well as they could chose to attend other free courses they might
> like, like coding.
> Please Let me know in case you like to do something on coding, that would
> great. Or any topic you might wish to. It does not have to be course
> can also be work shop, skill or ideas sharing, anything self-organised!"
> Just wanted to say that I believe this barter aspect, coordinated with an
> help of app like Bob and Lynn have been developing can just be immediately
> implemented between all of us. And would be complementary to inner- and
> inter-cooperative economy using good cyrpto-currencies, like faircoin, or
> free sharing!
> Ps.  above is very much valid for all p2p and commons friends on this list
> as well. So please think  what would you need to learn, and what would you
> like to teach, and let us know about it.
> Best, Orsan
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