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if you want a copy of our new brochure, please request from
kevin at p2pfoundation.net

Dear Friends,

The P2P Foundation is progressing with a number of exciting projects for
2015. As some of you are already aware, we are very happy to announce
the launch of Commons Transition.

Commons Transition is a database of policy proposals aimed toward
achieving a more humane and environmentally grounded mode of societal
organization. Basing civil society on the Commons, with Open and
Cooperative stewardship of our shared resources will enable a more
egalitarian, just, and environmentally stable society. We highly
recommend this special introduction written by Michel Bauwens and John
Restakis. For more information see http://commonstransition.org

These developments would not have been possible without the support of
The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation. (http://www.fph.ch), as well as the
Heinrich Boll Foundation.

These are ambitious projects, and we continue to seek support for their
development. In particular, we are seeking support for CopyFair: The
Commons Reciprocity License, as well as for structural developments for
the P2P Foundation, which would enable us to update our web sites, to
improve the user experience and visual appeal, while working smoothly
across all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

We are currently looking for funding opportunities that meet our
organisational goals.
As part of this we have created a brochure titled ‘What does the P2P
Foundation do?’ which offers our supporters a clear guide to our work by
providing an up to date summary of our activities and achievements. We
have attached a copy for your convenience but you can also download it
from - http://p2pfoundation.net/What_does_the_P2P_Foundation_do%3F .  We
appreciate any efforts you can make to share this widely.

We look forward to your continued support,

Best Wishes from all at the P2P Foundation

As a close friend and partner of the P2P Foundation we will occasionally
send you updates on our projects and developments. We do not send
updates like this very often in fact this is a first. However if you do
not wish to receive these emails then please let us know and we will
take you off our list.

Check out the Commons Transition Plan here at:

P2P Foundation: http://p2pfoundation.net  - http://blog.p2pfoundation.net

http://twitter.com/mbauwens; http://www.facebook.com/mbauwens

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