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Subject: Commons Transition and FairCoop follow-up material

*Commons Transition*


   *The Commons Transition Website <http://commonstransition.org/>* (for
   the front-end of the project, and to share with a wider audience)

   *The Commons Transition Wiki*
   <http://wiki.commonstransition.org/wiki/Main_Page> (for the backend,
   featuring an expanding database of cross-referenced policy proposals and
   practical ideas).

   *Commons Transition: Policy Proposals for an Open Knowledge Society*
   <http://commonstransition.org/commons-transition-the-book/> (our free
   downloadable e-book)

For a general introduction to Commons Transition, I would recommend the
website's "About page
<http://commonstransition.org/about-commons-transition-2/>", our FAQ
<http://commonstransition.org/frequently-asked-questions/> and a special
introduction <http://commonstransition.org/what-is-commons-transition/>
written by Michel and our associate John Restakis. The following is
extracted from the "About" page and I think that it's great overview of the
scope of the project:

"*The Commons Transition Platform* is a database of practical experiences
> and policy proposals aimed toward achieving a more humane and
> environmentally grounded mode of societal organization. Basing a civil
> society on the Commons (including the collaborative stewardship of our
> shared resources) would enable a more egalitarian, just, and
> environmentally stable society.

 The proposals in this web platform go beyond rhetoric and are inspired by
successful, self-organized working communities that maintain themselves and
their environments through Commons Based Peer Production, Property and

 The Commons, together with Peer to Peer dynamics, represent a third mode
of societal organization that evolves away from the competitive Market
State and obsolete, centrally-planned systems. It is a system *based on the
practices and needs of civil society and the environment it inhabits* at
the local, regional, national and global levels."

Additionally, we also talked about our proposed new License, which Michel
mentioned to you and Jean Louis Rancell back in December. The
materialization of this project will both protect and enrich the
cooperative sector and the social economy and we are currently seeking
allies and funders to contribute to its success. To get a general idea,
here's an extract from our introductory page on the CopyFair License:

"Commons Based Reciprocity Licenses (or "CopyFair") will provide for the
> free use and unimpeded commercialization of licensed material within the
> Commons while resisting its non-reciprocal appropriation by for-profit
> driven entities, unless those entities contribute to the Commons by way of
> licensing fees or other means. Our intention is to stimulate wealth
> circulation within the Commons and strengthen the resilience of P2P as a
> proto-mode of production with a constructive, rather than extractive,
> relationship with the corporate sector."


   *An Introduction to the CopyFair License*
   <http://commonstransition.org/commons-based-reciprocity-licenses/> (for
   the full text and a video where Michel explains the need for this license)

 *FairCoop  *

FairCoop is an open cooperative building a more efficient economic system
based on cooperation, abundance and new technologies to empower those
values. An economic system needs efficient economic tools, FairCoin
combines the most interesting aspects of cryptocurrencies and mutual credit
with an overarching structure oriented towards circulation of benefits for
the common good.

   - This animated video <http://vimeo.com/109479717> is a​n excellent
   introduction to FairCoop and some of its innovative financial instruments.
   - For more in depth information, please visit the FairCoop website
   - Additionally, I have attached a PDF Open Letter with an introduction
   to the project.

Thanks again Nicole, I hope you find this material both interesting and
useful so it can be shared with potential allies in both the social economy
and the cooperative sector. We believe that both Commons Transition and
FairCoop can be very beneficial for all.



Check out the Commons Transition Plan here at:

P2P Foundation: http://p2pfoundation.net  - http://blog.p2pfoundation.net

http://twitter.com/mbauwens; http://www.facebook.com/mbauwens

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