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Hi friends,

I've just posted the latest interview in our series of conversations around
Commons Transition
This time around I interview Rajesh Makwana from Share the World's
Resources, an organization with goals and values very similar to ours.

Here's an extract:

"The key to scaling up the commons is the transformation of the state
apparatus so that it can operate as a partner to the commons sector. Only
if such a transformation is achieved can it ever be possible for
governments to facilitate the development of commons-based institutions for
the sustainable and equitable stewardship of the global commons. The
establishment of grassroots commons models and even commons federations
that can mobilise politically (as David Bollier suggests in his book Think
Like a Commoner) can play a key role in challenging the status quo by
demonstrating sustainable economic alternatives."

Click here for the full interview
I hope you read it and share it in your networks.



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