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Dear All

Since we met I have been working on a new document to explain what I'm
calling the Credit Commons along with an explanation of money, ledgers
distributed ledgers, and some economics.
My hope in writing this is to bring attention to the need for an
appropriate accounting system for the solidarity economy, and how it can
help reduce the need for money amongst those who want to collaborate.
In order to garner more attention, the document would benefit from

   - numerous and known names in the list of peer reviewers
   - subsequent writing to develop the themes to different audiences
   - Advice on how to publish / present the document to make it more

So I'm inviting anyone on this list to engage in any of those ways.
Here is the google doc, you have permission to comment.
If you want to be put as a peer reviewer, put your name in a comment at the
Thanks for engaging!

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