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BIEN Congress, Seoul 2016
*16th BIEN Congress, Seoul    *7–9 July 2016 *Korean Basic Income Week   *4–10
July 2016

Today the basic income attracts the public attention as a positive
alternative beyond an idea. We can see it as important political parties in
Europe have adopted the unconditional basic income as a policy objective.
One reason for the increased public attention is that many people are
coming to believe that the existing system is unsustainable in face of
economic and ecological crises. Under these circumstances, we will discuss
a more concrete and positive alternative under the theme of Social and
Ecological Transformation and Basic Income.

The discussion will be around the topics below.

♦ Economic models of post neoliberalism and the position and role of basic
income in them

♦ The role of basic income in pursuit of expanding democracy in the
political arena and in society as a whole

♦ The role of basic income in the transition to an ecological society and
the accompanying cultural society

♦ The role of basic income in the transformation from the work-based
society, presuming it as an element of the de-commodification of labor force

♦ The ear of the precariat and basic income

♦ The role of basic income in enhancing gender equality

♦ Basic income as a tool for the resolution of the youth, unemployment

♦ Evaluation and prospect of various pilot projects

♦ Post-human prospects and basic income

The above topics are not intended to limit the boundaries, but to set as
references for a broader discussion. We invite all interested individuals
and groups to participate. Those who want to present should submit
abstracts(up to one page in A4 in Korean or 300 words in English) to
bien2016.callforpapers at gmail.com by January 31st 2016.

We are happy to inform you that seven keynote speakers will attend the
congress and some more keynote speakers could be with us. Seven keynote
speakers are: Louise Haagh (York University, England), Yamamori Toru
(Doshisha University, Japan), Jan Otto Andersson (ÅboAkademi University,
Finland), SarathDavala (India), Minister and Bishop ZephaniaKameeta
(Namibia), Zhiyuan Cui (Tsinghua University, China) and Gonzalo Hernandez
Licona (Mexico).

Korean Basic Income Week will be held along with the 16th BIEN congress. We
also invite all interested individuals and groups to participate in this
event which will be comprised of concerts, film-screenings, performances
and campaigns. Those who want to give proposals for Basic Income Week
should submit them to bien2016.callforpapers at gmail.com by January 31st 2016.

Programs of the congress and Basic Income Week will be compiled from all
submissions and proposals by March 31st 2016. We will send a message to all
those who have made a submission shortly afterwards. If you have any
question, please contact us at bien2016.callforpapers at gmail.com.

Finally, we will run a day-care center for children under 8 for the
participants with to use. Contact us at contact at bien2016.org please.

Kind Regards,

Local Organizing Committee of the 16th BIEN congress, Seoul

Executive Committee of Basic Income Week

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the world.

More information about the 16th BIEN Congress in Seoul can be found at
http://bien2016.org/en/ and www.basicincome.org.

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