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Dear all,

I'm delighted to share some updated information about the World Economic
Forum's efforts around the sharing economy.

First, there is now a WEF/YGL Sharing Economy Innovation
This means there's a home for publications, updates, etc. (which didn't
exist before).

Second, the WEF/YGL position paper has been updated and formatted by the
WEF team, including an introduction by David Aikman (Managing Director and
Head of the New Champions).

The paper is downloadable on the site above and directly here:

Note this is the same paper that was originally released over the summer,
so you don't need to re-read if you saw the first version. Nonetheless it's
is an exciting milestone as it marks WEF's acknowledgement of, and entry,
into this space. The paper is relevant for businesses, cities, foundations,
universities, brands and many more stakeholders across verticals and

Speaking of cities, it also includes a section on Shareable Cities -- which
makes it part of an early and exciting new set of opportunities for public
sector engagement, urban planning in the 21c, and civic innovation

I am honored to have led the charge to complete this paper; it was a truly
collaborative effort by the working group and with Collaborative Lab. Extra
thanks to WEF and YGL for enabling this to happen.

If any questions, just let me know. Next steps include getting these topics
featured in future WEF summits and dialogues, and expanded collaborations.

And of course, please feel free to share this far and wide!

Kind regards,

PS: There is an ongoing conversation about terminology -- sharing economy,
collaborative economy, collaborative consumption, peer economy, etc. WEF
opted to stay out of that debate and stick with the sharing economy for now.
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