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 Xnet (http://whois--X.net) presents

*The 2013 oxcars and Free Culture Forum (fcforum) - 24th-25th october 2013*

Barcelona once again during 2 days becomes the capital of free/libre
culture and digital rights advocacy****

*oXcars |24 October 2013 – 8.30pm - Sala Apolo, Barcelona (Carrer Nou de la
Rambla, 113)**
**The oXcars, the greatest free culture show of all time** is back **at
Sala Apolo (Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113). 6º edition**

This year’s programme includes wonderful artists and brilliant
personalities in defence of digital freedom, such as lawyer David Bravo
with his provocative show "Nosotros los Radicales" on the attacks on
freedom of expression implicit in the law ley Sinde-Wert-Lassalle and the
forthcoming reform of the penal code that criminalizes the free circulation
of culture. Considered the most influential lawyer in Internet and social
networks, David Bravo will be the centre of the show where other great
exponents of free culture and activism will participate as the band Kashba,
Paul Borons, the brilliant creator of “Odio las Mates”; Toque a Bankia and
its boycott tools; Robocicla, My Open Source Cure, SCANN, Ocax, Petra
Cortright and many other surprises.
*http://oxcars13.whois--x.net/en/programa/ **
**Tickets on sale http://oxcars13.whois--x.net/en/info/ *
**FREE CULTURE FORUM |25 October 2013 - From 10am to 9pm - Arts Santa
Mònica de Barcelona (La Rambla, 7)
Free admission

*The FCForum is the biggest event of techno-politics of Spain and this year
reached its 5th edition.
The International Free Culture Forum (FCForum) is an international network
that is held in conjunction with the oXcars. It’s the hands-on side. It
constructs and coordinates a global framework for action and a shared
agenda for issues related to free culture and access to knowledge, and it
has developed a strong international presence at the level of civil society
and numerous institutions.

This year’s FCForum will address e-Democracy through the following topics:
- Creativity, Culture and Knowledge: New models of access and production
- Data Science. The potential and limits of Big Data
- Network democracy
- Electronic money and distributed currency. Strengths and weaknesses


For press information contact:
Ángela Precht 625 24 37 15

P2P Foundation: http://p2pfoundation.net  - http://blog.p2pfoundation.net

http://twitter.com/mbauwens; http://www.facebook.com/mbauwens

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