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Is the original book published? In which language?


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> dear friends,
> if you have contacts in the publishing world, thanks for sending this:
> *Save the world*
> *With P2P towards a post-capitalist society*
> *From the back cover:*
> Our present society is based on the absurd idea that material resources
> are abundant and immaterial ideas are scare. We behave as if the planet is
> infinite and exploit the earth in a way that endangers survival of the
> human species. On the other hand, we are building artificial walls around
> human knowledge to prevent and impede sharing as much as possible.
> The peer-to-peer model of Wikipedia (knowledge), Linux (software) and
> Wikipspeed (design), inspired by open source, wants to turn this logic on
> its head. According to Michel Bauwens, the sharing economy, P2P-networks,
> open source, crowd sourcing, fablabs, micro-factories, hackerpsaces, the
> makers’ movement, urban agriculture… all new phenomena forming patterns
> that lead us towards a post-capitalist society, in which the market will be
> subsumed to the logic of the commons.
> Just as feudalism developed within the womb of the Roman slave society and
> capitalism developed within feudalism, we are witnessing the embryo of a
> new form of society within capitalism.
> In order to save the world, we need a relocalisation of production and an
> extension of global cooperation in the field of knowledge, code and design.
> *Additional information:*
> The book is based on a 12-hour interview by former journalist Jean Lievens
> with Michel Bauwens, and is divided into sis chapters: the Economy of P2P,
> The politics of P2P, P2P and spirituality, the Philosophy of P2¨, the P2P
> Foundation and a Biography of Michel Bauwens, who was the only Belgian
> elected on the Enriched List of the Post-Growth Institute, a list with the
> 100 most inspiring people (dead and alive) ever in relation to
> sustainability.
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