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     I’m writing today to invite you to LabourStart’s 4th Global Solidarity
Conference, due to open in Berlin on Friday, 23 May 2014.

The conference theme this year is “*Global Crisis - Global Solidarity*”.

The conference opens immediately after the close of the 3rd World Congress
of the International Trade Union Confederation.  If you plan to attend the
ITUC, please consider staying in Berlin for another couple of days for what
promises to be the best LabourStart conference ever.

Full details about the conference are on the website at

*All trade union activists are welcome to attend the conference — but you
must register first, online.*

Participation in the conference is *free of charge*, including the special
events on Friday and Saturday evenings and lunches during the conference
days.  Participants are, however, expected to *pay for their own travel
cost and accommodation*.  (We will try to help out with cheap or free
accomodation near the conference venue.)

To register to attend, go here:


If you’re in Berlin, or can easily get there, please consider volunteering
to be on the conference organizing committee.

Please direct any questions you may have to gisela at labourstart.org — but
first, please make sure to check out the conference website.

We’ll be sending out much more information in the next few weeks and
months, but wanted to make sure everyone knows the dates of our conference
— and also to get a sense of how many people plan on coming.

*I look forward to seeing you in Berlin!*

Eric Lee

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