[P2P-F] "anonymous campaign against p2p-foundation"

Kevin Flanagan kev.flanagan at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 23:54:46 CET 2013

Folks let's not let ourselves be trolled by @YourAnonCentral

I'm sure we all have more important things to do with our time.

However for the record -

My personal view is that Heather was unaware of the credited blog
posts when @YourAnonCentral cast the first stone.

1:28 AM - 4 Nov 13 https://twitter.com/YourAnonCentral/status/397173563238543361

The blog post were posted on the 21st,25th and 28th of Oct and WERE credited.

In this case she would only have been aware of the uncredited Scribd
documents for which I am responsible and for which I have apologised


Considering Heather explicitly asked to be credited in her email
exchange with Michel and I,
Her anger would have been understandable.

Her claim that there was no special relationship with the
P2PFoundation should be read as a clarification of copyright issues -


In this case we can agree the P2P Foundation does not have any special
relationship or any exclusive right to publish Heathers work.

The P2P Foundation never made any claim to having special right to the work.

It would be easy to see how these messages could be read as a
refutation of any relationship with the P2P.

However Heather has not denied that there were communications with us
and in fact she published those email exchanges herself.


Unfortunately this all kicked off when I was in bed asleep 'European Time'

It was 4:43 AM - 6 Nov 13 when Michel first reponded.


However at this stage tensions were already high for both parties.

Please remember 10 minutes after the initial @YourAnonCental who have
43,337 followers the

@YourAnonNews who have 1,181,379 followers posted this


Michel was right fully upset

and in my view he responded appropriately.

Unfortunately as we all know now. The situation wasn't resolved amicably.

It is very important that we do not get caught up in trolling and paranoia.

Let us be clear on this, the issue as it stands is not about attribution.

It is a personal issue between Heather and Michel.

While some things remain unresolved. Heather has expressed a desire to move on.

This is in my view an unfortunate case of miscommunication.

We all have more important things to doing with our time and so let's move on.


Kevin Flanagan

On 10 November 2013 20:24, Orsan Senalp <orsan1234 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Michel, and Anna,
> I have been keeping this conflict in the back of my mind yet coulnd't find a
> time to respond quitely to both you Michel and Heather, not sure if she is
> on this list. I was also hoping that both two good hearted and sharpest
> brains of our time wouldn't let it explode like this! now with this one it
> seemd geeting out of control. How can such expactable conflict reach to this
> level difficult to understand, so that almost there will be an anon ddos
> attack will be launched against a very very wrong target, may be the
> wrongest of all! I see practically how Heather could use her knowledge,
> links and swarming skills to launch an offnesive towards P2p-f. But why?
> There must be both personal, political and theoretical lessons to draw for
> the p2p theory and practice from the contradictory nature of the things here
> and sure that they will be very thoughtful. As For the immediate solution I
> also will try to talk Heather yet what could be good from your side Michel
> to do to neutrilise the accusation of Heather, which I read as 'p2p
> exploitation' of her and others by mainly you -in a way Tiziana argue for
> free labour, which makes you a p2p capitalist of some sort- can be sharing
> the P2P F's financial situation or any kind of public links you have on the
> p2pf wiki that would clarify that there is nothing like Heather is implicity
> or directly claiming. I think that would not only help to calm her down but
> would be good to stop anons and clear the confusion on the minds of your
> followers who do not really know about that much of the internal universe of
> the institution, including myself. Altough we all know how much we can
> achieve with almost no costs, but putting tons of hours of our free labour,
> an although we all know that we contribute collectively to our peers'
> reputations while we are building our own, the p2p distribution of the gains
> we make or value we create, when we are still stucked in the capitalis mode,
> still remains as the million dollar question we have to find an answer. I
> hope a kind of positive insight we might get out of this explosive conflict
> could also help us at the end to transcend the given exploitive
> relationships of any kind! Just zenn relax and turn it into  positive
> learning experience for all..
> solidarity, Orsan
> On 10 nov. 2013, at 20:12, anna at shsh.co.uk wrote:
> I am sure this is some sort of misunderstanding. I have had communication
> with Heather over a range of issues, and always found her appreciative and
> thoughtful. Please hold off judging if possible for a while.
> Anna
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> On 10 Nov 2013, at 18:52, Fabio Barone <holon.earth at gmail.com> wrote:
> Just ignore and keep up the fantastic work.
> You never know where trolls come from or who sends them.
> 2013/11/10 Michel Bauwens <michel at p2pfoundation.net>
>> Anonymous Operations at YourAnonCentral
>> A mob of overfunded old white men raging about an activists 'ego' &
>> 'hysteria' after they stole her work. Nice. @mbauwens @P2P_Foundation
>> dear friends,
>> if you haven't noticed, after falsely accusing us of stealing her work
>> (she herself sent us her excerpts to publish); and 7/8 exploding
>> accusations, Heather Marsh, who doesn't know me nor the p2p foundation, is
>> continuing a disinfo campaign through the heavily following Anonymous
>> account;
>> I can't possibly defend myself and the P2P Foundation alone against this,
>> so I hope I won't be alone in refuting these allegations or pointing out
>> that Anonymous is chosing a wrong target.
>> Above, they seem to believe that P2P-F is publicly funded, and ignore the
>> real precarity and sacrifice of the many people working with and around
>> this,
>> This is extremely sad, and I am frankly baffled,
>> Michel Bauwens
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