[P2P-F] anonymous campaign against p2p-foundation

Kevin Carson free.market.anticapitalist at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 23:37:33 CET 2013

You seem to think she has a very close connection to Anon and is
somehow driving the YourAnonCentral campaign against Michel.

If so, she's being extremely disingenuous with all the
passive-aggressive subtweeting about not having time for the drama --
not to mention YourAnonCentral claiming she never made the accusations

On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 4:32 PM, Orsan <orsan1234 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Michel I know because you say so and I believe you, and I believe you
> because I feel it and we also met in person and spent some time. Obviously
> there are many like Heather who may be didn't meet you yet and can't believe
> you but also the fact that at this level it can be achieved by merely
> relying on your own free labour and under precarious conditions. This
> actually contradict with Heather's own experience, since what she has chosen
> to do is more about radical journalism and activism and that doesn't pay
> back at the level p2pf operates... anyway What I feel would be helpful,
> because this is what i think what is heather also most sensitive about
> (rightly as all of us), or some of us, is the feeling of injustice and being
> used. anyway forget about me and others, and just to quick fix the problem
> of possible DDoS attack, pls send Heather, even if in dutch, the year
> reports of the foundation which probably you have to publish every year and
> has to include the fiscal reports. iIn principle this is public info but
> usually they are not widely open right in the middle (just looked for but
> couldn't find on the wiki) so please send her so she has a proof, again this
> I guess would be a quick fix for the Anon campaign problem we have.
> if there is another reason behind it however it should be uncovered. while
> writing these lines i realized that her book is out
> http://www.amazon.com/Binding-Chaos-collaboration-global-scale/dp/1489527680/ref=pd_rhf_pe_p_t_1_CWPB
> And looks like good read with a great title 'binding chaos' which I believe
> describes very good what you Michel and we all try to do, while
> collaborating radically and creating what I call a systemic 'change value'.
> and again right now remembering that she was raising a criticism towards p2p
> economies, probably that is also part of her book and -thinking loudly- her
> anger could be theoretically informed as well...  anyway the contradiction
> here is worth to dig a bit more I think and given that the P2PF is now at a
> turning point with the recent great achievements in Ecuador and with the EU
> grant such reflection can be useful for all p2p friends. I still feel
> hopefully something very positive might come out of this.
> Orsan
> On 10 nov. 2013, at 21:37, Michel Bauwens <michel at p2pfoundation.net> wrote:
> thanks for the comments,
> Kevin/Tom: of course this could be some cointelpro, or it could just be a
> personal issue, how would we be able to know this ?
> on a rational level, this is xtremely difficult to understand: we had
> friendly relations with heather, promoted her work, and she asked us to
> publish these excerpts herself. How could she forget ? that seems so
> impossible to fathom.
> and once she knew about the oversight, why did she not relent, but on the
> contrary escalated?
> as for orsan's remark,
> she believes we make money out of our curation, and that we are publicly
> funded. Of course you know both are wrong. We make zero income on that
> curation, all the wiki and blog work is free labour, and the very reason of
> my precarity , lack of heath insurance etc (including months with no money
> for food, solved by family solidarity): I have occasionally received very
> small sub-minimum wage contributions via james, when we fundraised in times
> of crisis;
> now, we won a EU grant, not for the p2p foundation, but to pay researchers
> that do actual research for the project (and none of that money has come in
> yet); this is not public funding for the foundation
> my situation is not rare, most of our associates live in precarious
> circumstances with very low incomes, and none of p2p-f volunteering is
> funded; we are all trying to do our best to generate derivative funding from
> the market
> next year is the first year I can look forward to monthly wages since 2007;
> and it will used to fill holes and bring my family to Ecuador.
> So no, we are not profiting from heather; on the contrary, we were helping
> her to get her ideas across to more people, costing us energy and time .
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