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Subject: Book Anthology for LNE - Please Participate
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Dear Friends of Living the New Economy,

I've been writing a book for awhile now & I am getting ready to publish.
The topics are primarily focused on crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and the
role of social enterprise in "the new economy."

I would appreciate your input as it is turning into an anthology of the
AnIdeaNation - Global Think Tank. You are all members of a global think
tank by virtue of what you do and how you support the new economic paradigm.

Please choose 2-4 (or more) questions that resonate with you & contribute 2
- 3  pages that anwer those questions in depth to be included as
co-authors. The goal is to have as many voices represented as possible.
Kindly recommend anyone you know who would make a valuable contribution.

I require this material no later than November 15, 2013 by 5pm. Any money
made from this book project is devoted to helping grow the global think
tank and to provide media (film & social media) for social enterprises.
Your contact information will be included (only if you so desire - please
indicate such when you return your submission to: ideanationinfo at gmail.com

Thanks for your time and devotion to living the new economy!

In light, peace & love,

Joy Case m.ed


Please answer the following questions in 2 - 3 pages (choose 2-4 or more):

What do you consider to be the top 3 challenges in our world today?

What is the most efficient way to address these challenges & who should do

What does living the new economy mean to you? What does it look like?

What work are you willing and able to do now to promote your concept of a
new economy?

What lead you to pursue a different way of being in the world?

If you could wave a magic wand, what systems would be changed & how would
that affect you on a daily basis?

What is your background? When did you first begin thinking about systems

How does your story reveal the "magic" of the collective consciousness?
In other words, when did you start to see the connections between your
inspired thoughts and the work and thoughts of others working for a new

What can each person do today to "live a new economy?"

What does media look like in a new economy?

What role does government / politics have?

How do you see the processes of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding serving a
new economy?

What are your next steps for enacting the new economy in your day to day


Thank you for emailing back & I will let you know by Nov. 18th what
material will be included and I will send a draft back to you for your
review & approval before the 23rd. Thank you!

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