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Subject: Job Opportunity: Sustainable Food Systems - come work with us!
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  We have an exciting early career research opportunity for an individual
with knowledge of how food and agriculture systems work, a passion for the
details, and an analytical, methodological approach to exploring and
identifying significant factors and relationships. You will also need
technical proficiency and/or experience programming in Object Oriented
Languages, with capability to learn to program ASFF (based on 'what-if'
software platform:http://www.whatiftechnologies.com/).

This new position is part of an ARC Grant to extend the work done in "Victorian
Food Supply Scenarios: Implications for a Nutritious
The successful applicant will be responsible for identifying and
researching appropriate quantitative settings for different future food
scenarios (e.g. effects of regenerative agriculture practices; energy use
throughout the food system; use of wasted water and organic material) and
applying these in new configurations in the Australian Stocks and Flow
Model (formerly CSIRO Australia). It's a unique opportunity for a
researcher who is keen to develop expertise in systemic analysis of food
systems, who also has the technical skills to work directly on programming
a complex systems model.

Check it out here:

**Please circulate far and wide . . **

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