[P2P-F] open capital License?

Patrick Anderson agnucius at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 17:52:45 CET 2013

Apostolis Xekoukoulotakis wrote:
> If we define the open paradigm as the one's right to access information or
> resources, then what is the equivalent ,to GPL, license when it comes to
> resources and especially capital(infrastructure)?

Here is another attempt to explain how the pattern of the GNU GPL
can be brought into the physical realm.

The core issue here is treating "Profit as Payer Investment" so
every User gains co-ownership in the growth of that collective
and so gains the material "source code" of all the goods and
services he uses even though he may not have the skills needed
to 'program' (operate) those sources.

The GNU GPL uses Copyright to insure all Object Users gain access
to the Virtual Sources of that production.

The KNU GPL will use Property Rights to insure all Object Users gain access
to Physical Sources of that production.

For example, imagine a late-coming User buys a sandwich from
a restaurant operating under the terms of the KNU GPL.

We will charge Profit against that latecomer and immediately
invest that overpayment in more land, water-rights, wheat seed,
chickens, tomato seed, beef cattle, alfalfa, tools, etc. needed
to create *future* sandwiches of that exact type.  I think the
User should probably have some amount control over the direction
of those investments within the collective (maybe he didn't know
he wouldn't like that kind of sandwich), but probably should not
be able to sell or "cash out" those shares until some time-out
or until some conditions are met that I do not yet yet understand
so as to 'stablize' the collective by essentially requiring Users
gain the co-ownership needed to secure their future needs are met
without being at the mercy of other owners.

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