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   [image: Shareable] <http://www.shareable.net>
     Imagine hundreds of cities worldwide firmly rooted in the sharing
economy. *To make this vision a reality we’re launching the Sharing Cities
Network in 100 cities*, to knit together entire communities of local
sharing movements. We'll hit the ground running in January 2014, but only
if we raise our goal. Can you chip in $15 and be a founding member of the
    Yes, I'll chip in
$15!<http://www.shareable.net/[email protected]&utm_source=Salesforce&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=1H>
NOLA Timebank members]
*Timebank, New Orleans*  [image: women at a clothes swap]
*Clothes swap, Istanbul*

Dear Michel,

We all want and deserve to live our best lives. Our finest selves are
rooted in a sense of strong purpose, solidarity with others, and living
with joy and meaning. *But our current economy is fueling a class war that
divides us and seeks to commodify everything—including our precious time to
do what we really love.*

*We need an alternative way of living. And we need you to be a part of it.
<http://www.shareable.net/[email protected]&utm_source=Salesforce&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=1H>*

Together, we can make it happen. Imagine hundreds of cities around the
world firmly rooted in the sharing economy. Thousands of organizers coming
together to make sure that communities have access to tool libraries,
worker-owned cooperatives, seed banks, coworking spaces, community gardens,
credit unions, hackerspaces, farmers markets, bike kitchens, and other
innovations like these that are sprouting up all around the world.

*To make this a reality, we are launching the Sharing Cities Network in 100
cities worldwide—a network that knits together entire communities of local
sharing movements.*

We need the Sharing Cities Network because there is *currently no single
city where all these local sharing models have been brought together to
create a holistic, bona fide alternative to business as usual—so the old
way of business still largely prevails.* But you can change this.

*Will you be a founding member of the Sharing Cities Network and chip in
$15 so we can get right to work?
<http://www.shareable.net/[email protected]&utm_source=Salesforce&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=1H>*

In a Sharing City, everyone’s needs are met because people make the
personal choice to share. Everyone can create meaningful livelihoods.
Fresh, local food is available to all. Affordable housing and shared
transportation are abundant. The poor are lifted up, the middle class is
strengthened, and the rich are respected because they all work together for
the common good. And all this is possible without relying on the government
or big banks, because together we can be our own agents of change.

*If we can raise our goal by January 15th, we will be able to start
organizing the Sharing Cities Network ASAP in January 2014.*

*Yes, I will be a founding member of the Sharing Cities Network and chip in
$15 to make this vision a reality.
<http://www.shareable.net/[email protected]&utm_source=Salesforce&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=1H>*

Because the more we share, the more we are truly our best selves and
communities. And building the Sharing Cities Network will help make this
alternative way of living a reality.

In solidarity,

Neal Gorenflo
co-founder of Shareable

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