[P2P-F] Fwd: Do we know about Linked Data ? Are we interested is understanding its potentials ? Quick survey - Thanks !

Dante-Gabryell Monson dante.monson at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 17:51:31 CET 2013

*pre-note : I try to understand if we can , possibly collectively, *
*write an article that could be published on the p2pfoundation blog,*
*as to better explain, in words and with images / graphics , *
*some of the potentials of building on, for example, Linked Data - and/or
similar technologies enabling us to more easily redefine our realities
collectively -*

*If anyone wrote on these topics, or is interested in combining our efforts
and research in writing about these topics, or if some can help in making
such article in a enjoyable reading moment ( combining it with nice imagery
and stories ? Like some science fiction authors manage to do - yet talking
about the present ? ) it would be great.   I mean, not only about one
specific application or project, but about the potential to work together
on various applications based on common protocols.*

*Some call it a "Global Brain" , or a "Web Operating System" , ... *

*Below is what I want to say to open up the topics for now ... I am open to
brainstorm further, and progressively collectively organize an easier to
understand blog post, or series of blog posts, on such topics.*

Thanks Bob, Thanks Helene,

for your replies.

I sent this message initially motivated by the realization, after an email
exchange with Michel.

Michel pointed that in his view there seemed to be little interest
regarding Linked Data / Semantic Web approaches on p2pf related forums.

So I wondered if this was really the case, and if so, what could be the
and how could it be better communicated.

Possibly showing how different projects may have an interest in using such
technologies in their research and development of applications,
showing overlap of different applications that want to embody such
and overlap and re-use of the data generated by each of these applications
to enable yet new applications.

For example, Bob in collaboration with Sensorica for Open Value Network

Although the technologies can be re-used and adapted for a variety of
hence Netention ( mostly Seth coding for now ) researching approaches, and
inviting others into such research and development, which hopefully can be
re-used for Open Value Networks, or for alternative forms of learning
building on available information on our wiki's , etc

Other projects, such as metamaps, are also interested ( or already
including ) such approaches ...

Pavlik was already talking about FOAF ( one aspect / approach using Linked
Data concepts ) many years ago.  I now notice Pavlik is regaining interest,
including in Schema and Json , ... midst others, in support of Sharing
Economy applications ?


But in a larger sense, I feel it is about contributing to the development
of remedies regarding Anoptism ( which Olivier talks about ,
http://p2pfoundation.net/Anoptism , while facilitating at first Holoptism )

In the understanding which I developed by interacting with Seth and others
via lists such as "Global Survival

such Web 3.0 approaches get us closer to the concept of " Noosphere "

Or should I be already speaking of Web 4.0 , since I can notice a
convergence with artificial intelligence.

See :

( and another graph about internet evolution
http://www.didael.it/sito/evoluzione_web.htm  , also calling some phases we
have technologies for and for which we need more collaboration in research
to reduce the threshold for its usage , "the metaweb"
http://koolaidantidote.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/metaweb_graph.gif )

Emergent Collective Consciousness, Approaches to Collective Intelligence,
to Emergent forms of Networked Political Economies, ...

and can be combined with , for example, understanding in the field of
Artificial Intelligence. ( could be interesting to refer to the Global
Brain Institute ? http://globalbraininstitute.org/ )

There are so many implications regarding decision making, collaboration and
collective intelligence, learning, resource allocation , and even finance...

I see a lot of parallels between the potentials of Linked Data approaches,
and the spirit of the Meta Currency project.

Although there are indeed different potential approaches and technologies,
and hopefully we can choose inter-operable ones.

There are series of existing Ontologies.  RDF Schema being one approach
which seems to be receiving wider acceptance.
There is also the use of Json.

Then there is the potential combination between Folksonomies and
Ontologies, into Folksontologies...    And I did not even mention other
interesting approaches ( slightly different then the W3C approach ? ) ,
such as that of Pierre Levy
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_L%C3%A9vy and IEML

At least in spirit, in my understanding of it. - for each application,
various combinations of technologies may been considered,

yet I see potential in enabling inter-operable formats, and data that can
be re-used along compatible data graph approaches...

How can this best be explained with imagery that anyone could understand,
and beyond any one specific project ?   Enable the imagery of a new way of
creating and using data... re-using such data, enabling us to contextualize
and choose the ( political and economic ) "games" we play based on such
contextualization layers ?

Enabling us to interact with others, and across various applications,
beyond any proprietary approaches, and beyond any social silos...

Yet at the same time, enabling "machines" to understand ...

Opening up whole new dimensions in terms of what seems to be widely called "The
Internet of Things" <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_of_Things> /
Spimes <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spime> , including in support of the
Sharing Economy, or better still in my view, A Contribution Economy based
on Peer Production in support of the Commons.

That this can be enabled by experimenting further with various existing
modules and protocols... reducing threshold for their usage, reducing the
threshold for generating data together, reducing the threshold for
organizing ourselves using such data ...

There are many more themes this relates to.

For example, Architecture - Urbanism, etc
( such as Modular Parametric Design , based on Lego Like components that
can easily be re-assembled ? )

There are also many risks - and in my view, a need to think how we can be
ahead of understanding the technology, to avoid it being used to trap us in
it - and instead use it to liberate and empower us.

Please feel free to correct me where you see fit, complement views, give
your own perceptions, etc

There is existing code from various projects for such kind of "Web 4.0"
browsing - there has been already a lot of research.

In my view, one of the main challenges now, is to get people to work
together on open sourced code and libre licenses,

for developing inter-operable tools using such open protocols...

Making the various interfaces easier to understand and use...

But first, in my view, we need to see if people grasp these concepts, and
understand that these potentials are very real and are current - and we can
participate in their development, and hopefully soon benefit from its

Also, there is funding available - for those of us who are good with
funding applications - and can enable access to such larger partnerships -,
willing to contribute to the work of programmers, or willing to motivate
programmers to converge around a commons oriented approach -

see : http://fisa.future-internet.eu/index.php/FIA_Research_Roadmap


Note : There are also all kinds of existing video materials that can be
used to illustrate such concepts...  I am willing to bring them together.
Those who can do video editing, I d be interested in supporting research
for creating a new video document too, in addition to blog articles.

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Subject: Do we know about Linked Data ? Are we interested is understanding
its potentials ? Quick survey - Thanks !

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What would be your answer ? ( reply on this list or in private to me )

*A ) Interested in ( getting to know more about ) its potentials*
*B ) Not interested*


*1 ) Never heard of Linked Data <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linked_data>*
*2 ) Know about it*
*3 ) Actively researching Linked Data
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linked_data> applications ( in support of p2p
4 commons ? )*

( or whatever other replies you wish to give )


Context of my question :

Michel noted that in his view Linked Data has not been a topic with much
interest on the p2pf related forums.

I wish to understand if this is simply because not many of us know about
Linked Data, and its potentials ?

Or is it simply because it seemed too complex or technical to bring it up
on this specific list ?

I know some of us are working on Linked Data applications,
including in support of Sharing Economy applications.

I personally have been interested in some of its applications for a few
years, without being a programmer.  I collaborated with a programmer over
the last years, to explore some of the approaches that can be taken to
create certain applications.


The first aim I have with this email is to have some kind of quick ,
hopefully sufficiently representative set of replies.  It does not have to
be on the public list - you can also reply to me in private if you like.

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