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Thanks Mark

I remember that video documentary and like it.

AI may also become a way of being a mirror to learning, to our own
reflexivity ?

For example, see this "toy" for kids - not sure it is to be defined as AI,
yet ... has a feeling of it.




After all , millions of kids, now become adults like myself, grew up with
TV when ending up isolated most of the time,
because adults are busy earning money to afford survival and rent,
and because organizing meetings with other kids by making agreements with
other parents was more of an event
then something usual, at least from my point of experience.    More and
more of global population, and of children,
are trapped in cities.

In my own case, luckily I had access to documentaries, in several
languages, with a broad choice of channels for the day.

Today, there is , luckily, the internet.

At best, some of these "toys" can be pre-programmed to teach children to
get out of the rat race,
and develop strategies to get out of an exponential debt/slavery system,
hopefully enabling them to develop a (co)creative curious approach to
learning ( and not merely a reproductive approach )

Even for me today, it is not easy to find people who share interests who
have availability to learn together, except on the internet,
in a asynchronous way.

I live in this city, yet it is irrelevant.  I sometimes go outside to see
people, yet avoid certain times of the day,
feeling what people feel. There is segregation.   Some parts of the
population take public transport.  Others go by car.

I am imprisoned despite being "free". Imprisoned because social income
requires me to be integrating, and staying within this limited territory.

I accepted, after spending several years of "freedom", but trapped in
constant movement and change, hitch hiking.

I am still very empowered, so lets not be too concerned.   Yet just to say,
I am aware of a lot of people going through such situations.

I do have my approaches, and keep faith.

So in regards to this thread, perhaps we need not completely disregard
certain technologies,
and the potential for intelligence it can enable ( despite surveillance )
as they can be a source of remaining hope , to remain "human" ,
for those who may end up being isolated in our so called developed

Imho, Many children being part of such crowds of isolated individuals.

On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 2:58 AM, Mark Janssen <dreamingforward at gmail.com>wrote:

> Along the lines of communicating with animals, just saw this:
> http://www.cultureunplugged.com/documentary/watch-online/play/11936/The-Animal-Communicator
> As for AI, I found that it was a dead-end for this universe (which really
> needs more inter-personal connection), but perhaps for Japan.....
> --
> MarkJ
> Tacoma, Washington
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