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Hailie Bosque,

This money is quite different than any other you have seen, it isn't the
non-transferrable money that Marx was talking about.
The problem it tries to solve is to block the accumulation of money to a
few people. For that, it is important to understand 2 processes.

a)the cycle of accumulation: Even today that we have a centralization of
power, in order for money to create more money, one needs to spread an
amount of money to multiple people, the workers who will work for the
capitalist so that he eventually gets more money. Thus this cycle of money
starts from a centralized point to a distributed number of workers and
eventually back to the centralized point.

b) There are 2 types of work in most production processes, the one is the
initial work for the construction of a factory or other tools. This is
called fixed capital. The other is the work of the people that operate the
tools and the factory. The second workers cannot pay in advance the first
workers. Thus they rely on the capitalist to give the money and in return
they sell their working power lower than the price they would ask otherwise.

Now I' ll give you an example.
Let's say that we are able to track the transfers of property, either
products or money.
Lets also assume for this example that we only have worker cooperatives
that own the tools they are using in direct contrast to current capitalism.

Capitalist -->Factory Workers -->Workers--->Consumers---\

Cap gives money to factory workers, and they give him a factory.
Cap gives the factory to the workers, and they accept to give him back a
percentage of their earnings.

Here lies a problem:

The money that the capitalist payed the factory workers is different than
the money he got from the Workers. This is due to b).
My proposal is that the workers in general,(here the factory workers)
should be able to reclaim back their products and the money one gets from
them in a future time.

This is how it can be done.
At any time, the workers(here the factory workers) make a cheaper offer of
their products to the consumers (here the workers).
At the same time, they are obliged to build a new factory for the
Thus, they switch back their old work with new work.

If we allow that, there can be no profits for the capitalist, or the
profits will be decentralizedly split between the factory workers.
Thus because of a) we have a distributed ownership of products/money.

Till now I have used the term money quite vaguely. What I really mean is
that each worker/worker cooperative creates his own currencies which
correspond to the products they make.

I make clothes, thus I have a t-shirt currency.
I own 5 bread currencies, 30 chair c. and 5 motorbike c.

I give 5 motorbile c in exchange for 1 car c.
Unless I explicitelly state that the car c. is for personal use and thus
the motorbike workers could reclaim their 5 motorbike c. and thus the 1 car
c. i got.
They could offer to give my 5 bike c. plus one in exchange of the car c.
I would receive 5 new motorbike currencies.

This is the basic idea. I am always happy when people point me to errors.
This is as of yet unfinished work.
(keep in mind that workers should always own the tools they are using, this
is a prerequisitive, it can be done easilly, i think)

For this to be done it mostly requires computer programming. Because of the
advances in computer programming this is quite feasible, (think of
facebook, google) and open source big data tools.

(it may take me some time to respond)

On Saturday, August 24, 2013 3:53:03 AM UTC+3, Hailie Bosque wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to get in touch with Apostolis Xekoukoulotakis.
> You posted something on an internet forum about your ideas for an
> anarchist-socialist economy with non-circulating currency.
> I'd like to hear more about this, but you no longer use that internet
> forum, so I found you here.
> I hope nobody thinks this is off topic, because this type of economic
> system does relate to the focus of this group. Maybe Apostolis will share
> his ideas with all of us.
> I hope you can be reached this way, if so send a reply and I'll give you
> my email address.
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Sincerely yours,

     Apostolis Xekoukoulotakis
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