[P2P-F] New Waste re-utilization technologies (International Patent appld.)

Rahul Nagpaul rahulnagpaul at rescuwearth.com
Thu Aug 22 19:05:36 CEST 2013

  Dear all,

 I would like to introduce Two (2) recent NEW
Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs) that re-utilize Solid Wastes
in BULK & details are as follows:

 OBJECTIVE:To produces substitutes
for Wood, baked soil Brick,Stone,Marble, Granite etc & have NIL land

RESULT: Four/4 nos Prototypes have been prepared/ tested
successfully, using non-biodegradable wastes.All have been found to be
equally or more tough, aesthetic, economical & resilient. For details
refer to LATEST NEWS, www.scpclearinghouse.org [1] (UNEP).

International Patent (under PCT) filed/under processing at the
International Bureau, WIPO,Geneva & International Searching Authorities
of Six/6 countries ie. Austria, Australia, China, Sweden,USA & European
Patent offices. 
 Also Listed as WIPO Green technologies.
 (This was
preceded with unsuccessful attempts made twice earlier in 2008 & 2012,
vide Provisional Patents 881/ MUM/2008 & 55/ MUM/2012 were filed, but
both were eventually abandoned). 

complete & direct re-utilization of non-biodegradable wastes
(Plastic,used Tyres,MSW- Total 17 categories of Wastes &
e-Waste/WEEE,listed in CPCB & EWC) completely without any heating or
special infrastructure .
 Large scale/rapid Benefits for Carbon
sequestration, People,Eco-systems & accelerate progress towards MDGs in
many countries (for BENEFITS,refer
http://rescuwearth.com/files/documents/EST-BENEFITS.pdf [2]). Only Low
energy required,expeditious & nil emissions/GHG.

 Life-cycle assessment
(LCA)/ life-cycle analysis: There is an indefinite extension of the
'Life Cycle Span' of a product or 'Product Life Cycle', due to
postponing or further moving forward its 'end-of-life' stage (after it
has fulfilled/ended/completed partially or fully, the primary function
for which it was originally manufactured or created).
 This is
applicable to all non-Biodegradable Waste & include waste/non-waste,
hazardous/non-hazardous waste,damaged, defective,deteriorated,out
dated,re-use,many POPs, second hand goods, used goods and end-of-life
 Over 50 nos of MSW/ end-of-life products have gone into making
the 4 prototypes & include: Empty glass bottles,plastic bags,rubber
eraser & balloon material,full/old CDs,broken plugs,shaving blade
cartridge,old pen,old pencils,discarded toothbrushes & empty toothpaste
tubes (variously made of Plastic,Metallic & Rubber materials).

save trees from deforestation & mountains etc from excavation without
banning plastic etc.Contact me for Details or Technology Transfer/
Licensing etc (for details visit http://rescuwearth.com [3]) & for
Benefits visit:

Thanks &
 - Rahul Nagpaul 




CEO, RESCUW Earth Technologies & Advisory LLP (RETA Llp)
Office: Row House 4, Plot 138, Sector 21, 
Nerul (E), Navi Mumbai
Maharashtra, India. 

 e-m: rahulnagpaul at rescuwearth.com [4],
rahulnagpaul at gmail.com [5]

 	* RESCUW Earth Technologies & Advisory
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Mumbai, Ministry of Corporate
Affairs (MCA) no.: AAB-07, Dt.21st August, 2012 (RESCUW Earth:
'_Reinforcing Environmental Sustainability with Constructive Utilization
of Waste' on Earth_)

	* Registered Service Provider - Partnership
Development Activities, Global Innovation & Technology Alliance
(GITA,applied), The Technology Development Programme (TDP), Department
of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India
 	*  Member,
Maharashtra Industries,India (Directory listing)

	* Registered, ECAS
 	*  Member,Transparency Register,EUROPA/ The European Parliament
and the European Commission (ID: 635093111083-07) 
 	* Registered
Participant Identification Code (PIC): 950218306. The Research
Directorates-General of the European Commission
 	*  WEEE/ e Waste
re-utilization Technology, WIPO Green Technologies.
 	*  Assorted waste
& Plastic re-utilization Technology, WIPO Green Technologies.

Member, International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management
Services of Local Authorities (IPLA), United Nations Centre for Regional
Development (UNCRD). 

	* Member, Global Sustainable Consumption and
Production (SCP) Clearinghouse,UNEP

Present address: 
 Rahul Nagpaul

Associate Professor (Marine Engineering)
 Tolani Maritime Institute
 Induri, Talegaon, 
 Pune 410507.India.

 Member, Pune's
Inventors Network,Venture Center, Pune,
 Expert,Consultancy Development
Centre (CDC),DSIR,Ministry of Science & Tech.
 Member,Group of
 Member,Environment & Safety Committee,TMI
Resource person, Global SCP Clearinghouse,UNEP

All of the above have
been carried out as independent, un-aided,self financed solo research
projects in my personal capacity (with _kno_wledge of/ info. to
Mgmt.,TMI Pune).

[4] mailto:rahulnagpaul at rediffmail.com
mailto:rahulnagpaul at gmail.com

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