[P2P-F] Shareable: 10 Things Wisconsin Can Do To Increase Economic Democracy

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Dear Neal,

I'm off to a, hopefully deserved, 10 day holiday with the kids, so I'll have
to skip this one, but hope others can chip in,


On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 11:24 PM, Neal Gorenflo <neal at shareable.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Shareable would like your help.  We're putting together a post on how
> Wisconsin can increase economic democracy.  Below is the beginning of a
> list.
> What innovations would you add to this list?  What comments do you have
> about this list?
> -start a state bank like South Dakota
> -support worker coops (but how?  What states have done this well?)
> -help cities go carfree (any good examples of state laws that you know
> about that help cities with this?)
> -micro-manufacturing, make stuff locally (any examples you can share?)
> -participatory budgeting in cities  (any examples of states or provinces
> passing laws that support city level PB?  Or anything with a city-state tie
> related to PB?)
> Please include relevant links where possible when sharing an idea (as well
> as a link to your project which we'll use in a cite if we publish an idea
> you share).
> I'm inspired by events in Wisconsin and hope to further the ideas of Dennis
> Kucinich whose recent speech elevated a labor issue to one about the need
> for radical economic policy change including reform of the federal reserve.
>  Here's his recent speech:
> http://readersupportednews.org/video/4-video/5275-dennis-kucinich-speaking-at-workers-rights-rally-in-madison-wi
> Thank you!
> Neal
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