[P2P-F] Shareable: 10 Things Wisconsin Can Do To Increase Economic Democracy

Neal Gorenflo neal at shareable.net
Sun Mar 20 17:24:38 CET 2011

Hi all,

Shareable would like your help.  We're putting together a post on how
Wisconsin can increase economic democracy.  Below is the beginning of a

What innovations would you add to this list?  What comments do you have
about this list?

-start a state bank like South Dakota
-support worker coops (but how?  What states have done this well?)
-help cities go carfree (any good examples of state laws that you know about
that help cities with this?)
-micro-manufacturing, make stuff locally (any examples you can share?)
-participatory budgeting in cities  (any examples of states or provinces
passing laws that support city level PB?  Or anything with a city-state tie
related to PB?)

Please include relevant links where possible when sharing an idea (as well
as a link to your project which we'll use in a cite if we publish an idea
you share).

I'm inspired by events in Wisconsin and hope to further the ideas of Dennis
Kucinich whose recent speech elevated a labor issue to one about the need
for radical economic policy change including reform of the federal reserve.
 Here's his recent speech:


Thank you!



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