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I think that would be a very good idea now the draft is taking shape - Di, Nik, how shd this be done?

Btw, had a chat with Tim at Lib Media, pretty sure he will be on board


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We should in the meantime  - while I pile on the miles - get Nikki and the
RIS office to start filling in governance and partnership and finance . . .


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>Thanks Sean, and Sally Jane.  I like the way this is coming together - we
>seem to be captruing the essence of Hargreaves, while not being
>constrained by it, in a way that gives us a distinctive and potentially
>attractive draft.
>I've made some tiny amendments.  Both Gerhard and I work specifically on
>business models in emergemt spaces (in different ways).  Maybe we shd
>shout that out a little more?
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>Appended tries to ­ very succinctly - weave rhetorical concerns below
>more pragmatically into the text. Take or leave. Lots of ideas for next
>round in any case.
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>Subject: RE: draft
>Thanks Sean. This looks exciting. Is there any way we might emphasise the
>Centre's role in honing UK expertise, opening it up and ensuring it's
>fully tuned to the wealth of business practices on the rise beyond this
>land? This is a key concern for AHRC, ESRC et al who tend to be painfully
>retarded "Creative Britain" thinkers.  Of course we can't say that, but
>can stress the importance of business model diversity for socio-economic
>sustainability, and the ways this Centre might nurture social cohesion by
>revitalising the ethos of the Commons, in a landscape scarred by
>alienation, dispossession, non-identification, etc. Sorry for rhetorical
>overkill but hopefully you get what I mean.
>It might be useful to allude to Asian energies, which tend to be an
>obsession... The UK as a crossroads for multicultural dynamics and mores,
>inspiring its richly diversified communities with exemplary new business
>models etc. Dunno.
>LIberate Media - Tim Greenhalgh (Lorraine's contact and usefully
>Southampton-loyal, Brighton based) - has also been contacted and could be
>a good relay (information/ PR vector amongst others). Kirk Woolford would
>readily be part of the Sussex team and has ample soft- and hardware
>development experience, private sector (US/ Europe) and govt. / research
>council/ TSB etc.
>Am in your old Dundee haunt Thur-Fri  so shall will the walkers onwards.
>Sally Jane Norman
>Professor of Performance Technologies
>Director, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts
>Silverstone 310
>University of Sussex
>Brighton BN1 9RG
>United Kingdom
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>the Creative Economy
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>Subject: draft
>I sent this yesterday but the listserver bounced saying I had to many
>The problem being that we do not yet know the total of those invovled;
>and we have not got a way to articulate the loose grouping so far at
>southampton with the P2P communication channels ­ Franco: when the bounce
>reaches you, it might be as well to add the people named to the
>circuation for this list
>I also copy in the two people who will be working this the net phase
>(till 2 september) whie I'm on fieldwork: Prof sally Jane Norman and Dr
>Lorraine Warren
>I paste the original message and the list f recipients: I sent it at
>4.00pm BST; only three comments retrned so far, all supportive ; we have
>also got a lot of local partners some listed who have now sent support
>messages, important fpr our tatctical presentation
>Dear Colleagues
>The team asked me to to a first draft of the EoI
>I am delighted to acknowledge the generous help of Prof Sally Jane Norman
>from Sussex who has come aboard and been a rock
>I've also taken the liberty of contacting more potential partners.
>Unfoprtunately everyone else is at the beach - which is why the wild-eyed
>trot got the job of drafting this
>Absolutely the first draft. I've left space for additions, and of course
>we will have to rewrite as a group
>I may have put in too much detail on personnel; ad we may need it for a
>more strategic expression in the section on Partnership; colleagues will
>also I trust have theior own drums to beat as to 'orograms of work' - I
>think  the model may be good; and I hope that we reflect the originality
>of he proposal
>By the way Prof Ian Hargreaves has agreed to come and give a talk at
>Winchester in the autumn term; we are just negotiating dates with lawrence
>Lessig to arrange a dialogue between them. Unfortunately we are not able
>to make their dates coincide with Michel bauwens visit here in december,
>but a ball will be very truly rolling by then
>Technicalities: I leave to walk the Pilgrim's Way on Thirsday morning and
>will have little or no e-mail access. Lorraine Warren
><L.Warren at soton.ac.uk<mailto:L.Warren at soton.ac.uk>> kindly offered to
>pick up the baton during my
>absence - I shoud be available on the 2nd of September
>I had thought of posting on the P2P wiki or to Google Docs for editing but
>with so many hands, I'm not sure whether that is the best way:
>recommendations would be excellent
>With thanks
>Matthews N.S. 
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