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excellent: I'll point towards the international range of scholars involved; and it looks like the cooperative venture shd be fine as mutual benefit. Diana is the whizz at fixing legal things, and Nikki who she's asked to look at it will be able to assess how we can cover costs at the very least (

Thanks too for the comments on my v. untutored draft -  I'll incorporate / replace my rants, and get a draft done if not on Monday then by Wednesday – after that I'm incommunicado more r less walking from winchester to canterbury for about 10 days


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Thanks for sharing the details,

so essentially we are a nonprofit 'foundation' under dutch law, recognized by the EU,

and we also have a legal Dutch coop that is associated with it, whenever a 'private' partner is required,

the Association of P2P Researchers has no legal existence, and has not yet been formally launched, though it reflects the reality of a network of interested researchers,


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Hi Franco and colleagues

I will be discussingthis with members of the Southampton research office
shortly - basically they have asked me - as the only person not on leave -
to draft an expression of interest. This will have to be quite open: we
must involve other interest groups in the university; and there may be
constraints on links with other UK institutions

On the positive side, we are near fixing a public debate between Lawrence
Lessig and Ian Hargreaves, the author of the Digital Britain report that
started al this

Here are Diana Galpin's notes; followed by her response to my suggestion
that Volker might be the director. I need to know the legal standing of
P2P (registered charoty / trust / not-for-profit / country/ies of
incirporation etc for these pruposes; also Volker I am presuming you are
freelance for these purposes: can you send me a CV

I have a skype conference with the admin team this morning at 11.30/12 BST


Wednesday, 17 August 2011 14:06

Sounds a good result. We do need to be careful about what and how much we
expect P2P to do as from the looks of things they are an international
organisation. Now that is fine but we may not be able to flow grant monies
to them..

Niki P checked with AHRC and their response was that an international
company could participate in Œmutually beneficial¹ hub based activities
that were badged under the heading of Œinternational cooperation¹ and paid
for using the grant.  The reciprocity would arise from the fact  the
company might be making a contribution to the project (indirectly) through
their participation and bringing new knowledge/expertise into the arena.
However, it would not be possible to pay an international company for
other goods and services or enter into a contracting/sub-contracting
relationship on a one-to-one basis using AHRC grant monies.

Of course that was with respect to them being a companyŠ are they? Before
we can get definitive advice from AHRC can you confirm what type of
organisation they are and in what capacity you would expect them to be

If you are going ahead with a telecom probably worth including Nikki
Matthews as she probably has most capacity to provide the RIS support to
you at the moment.

Kind Regards


Diana Galpin
Senior Legal Adviser
Research & Innovation Services
Direct Tel: 023 8059 8673
Mobile: 07979852362
Fax: 023 8059 8671

Wednesday, 17 August 2011 14:49


Careful on the automatic ³employ Volker as a director² front being your
easy fix as any role would need to be advertised externally following
usual University of Southampton HR and recruitment policiesŠ I am also not
entirely sure whether due to limitations on our insurance, health & safety
risks & complexities of then having to adopt local employment laws etc
that we would employ someone to be permanently based overseas

Sorry not trying to put barriers in the way but help guide you to what is



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