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May I suggest to structure the partnerships in a certain way:

I think what we need in terms of stakeholder partners are:

1) research institution, that's southampton itself, associated with p2p
foundation for network with global reach

2) artists and creatives

3) emerging businesses and commercial models in the new space

4) legal and licensing

5) policy and government suppport

6) internet user groups

If we could say identify 2 partners for each field, that would made for an
integrated proposal


On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 4:51 PM, Michel Bauwens <michel at p2pfoundation.net>wrote:

> Dear Franco and friends,
> Franco, thanks for relaunching the process and discussion, which I have
> just been catching up on.
> Apologies for my own radio silence, which may last another 2-3 days, I have
> had a serious flu, and though I'm feeling better, internet is still
> exhausting right now. I should be okay at the end of the week,
> Michel
> On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 3:35 PM, Cubitt S.R. <S.R.Cubitt at soton.ac.uk>wrote:
>> >
>> >Two messages in this morning from colleagues at Southampton's research
>> >office (neither are academics - most of whome are on holiday or trying to
>> >write their books ;(
>> I will have a go at drafting a short idea for what we could aim for, and
>> putting together our circulation with the circulation list for the
>> university discussion
>> I'm recently returned to the UK after 11 years overseas so the number of
>> contacts and knowledge of institutions is weak. On the other hand, a bid
>> with a strong EU presence - even though the CFP is specifically about the
>> UK ­ could be a strength for us.
>> We do NOT know that the presence of Hargreaves is vital. (Unfortunately I
>> do have a connection with Cardiff but it will not be helpful - long story:
>> my predecessor at Melbourne)
>> More later
>> sean
>> Thanks Nikki and sorry wasn¹t about to make the meeting.
>> Dear All
>> I would have thought this needs to be lead by a senior academic from a
>> Business / Law discipline with track record in this area. Clearly there
>> should be close links to those in arts, IT etc. Unless we can rapidly find
>> a natural and credible lead from within Southampton I would have thought
>> our best option is to partner.Please note I did spot in the call document
>> that an organisation can only be in one Bid (see pt 5 on eligibility).
>> Further we also do need to be able to articulate (albeit briefly for the
>> EOI) how this centre would be sustainable into the future ŠŠ
>> I am not sure whether our own Law team and in particular Steve Saxby
>> have/has expressed an interest &/or identified who would be the stiffest
>> competition/best partner but I would hope they would be able to advise.
>> From a non-academic perspective (but legal with some interest in this
>> field) I wonder whether Queen Mary¹s University of London Œs Centre for
>> Commercial Law Studies might be quite a big hitter as they do quite a bit
>> in IT and Media lawŠ. ? They certainly fielded a few people to the
>> workshop.  http://www.ccls.qmul.ac.uk/Research/it/index.html
>> Christopher Millard provides them with a close link to Oxford¹s Internet
>> Institute as he is part-time at both.
>> Subject to our wanting to lead would it be worth seeing if they were
>> putting in for a bid at all and potentially offer to link with them?
>> Indeed we could ask them anyway in order to gauge if they are competition.
>> Also Bournemouth University Centre for IP & Policy Management -
>> http://www.cippm.org.uk/research.htmlcould well be thinking of going for
>> it in which ditto in relation to partnering/competing with them?
>> Link to Hargreaves report in case you don¹t already have it (you probably
>> do as it has been mentioned previously)
>> http://www.ipo.gov.uk/ipreview-finalreport.pdf
>> but also there are a number of supporting documents which are informative
>> http://www.ipo.gov.uk/ipreview/ipreview-documents.htm
>> Some other suggestions in case they are of help:
>> 1) Would you agree any bid might benefit from some of the following as
>> partners/ representatives in steering capacity in addition to the various
>> industry sectors identified in the call?
>> -British Library
>> -Selection of Law Firms leading in this field
>> -Collecting societiesy / copyright licensing agencies
>> 2) Another refreshing inclusion could be around the education piece
>> (strong theme in Hargreaves) potentially building a strand about
>> curriculum development during schooling years rather than leaving for
>> businesses to tackle it and later stage learning?
>> 3) The expectation should certainly be to have UK IPO on any steering
>> panel which I believe is implicit from the call. The University also has
>> links to the CBI Intellectual Property Committee which includes a number
>> of the major players in some of the industry sectors involved. If we were
>> to lead it may be possible to link through to them for a steering group
>> representative. I can assist in providing that link if there is a decision
>> to lead.
>> Overall we must be mindful of the selection criteria for the 1st stage:
>> ·         fit to the call specification
>> € demonstrable expertise in delivering excellent and relevant research
>> € strength of vision and leadership
>> € the added value of the Centre¹s overall aims, approach and activities
>> (i.e. the Centre should be more than the sum of its parts)
>> € the strength of any proposed partnerships between partner institutions
>> and the infrastructural support offered by all partners, especially the
>> host institution
>> € the quality and potential of existing and proposed partnerships with
>> stakeholders and other, non-academic organisations and the nature of the
>> relationship
>> € the extent to which proposed activities respond to current priorities
>> and potential future challenges
>> € potential to deliver impact
>> € plans for a sustainable legacy
>> € value for money (including the potential to obtain additional income).
>> I am not sure if there is a follow up meeting but if one is planned will
>> engage should you want.
>> Kind Regards
>> Diana
>> Diana Galpin
>> Senior Legal Adviser
>> Research & Innovation Services
>> Direct Tel: 023 8059 8673
>> Mobile: 07979852362
>> Fax: 023 8059 8671
>> www.southampton.ac.uk/business
>> +++++++++++++++++++++
>> Dear Diana
>> Do we assume that any bid led by Professor Ian Hargreaves, Chair of
>> Digital Economy at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural
>> Studies/ Cardiff Business School is a very strong contender given that the
>> Government has just accepted all ten recommendations made in his
>> independent review on intellectual property?  If so, does the group have
>> any good connections it can exploit, or a history of collaborating with
>> Cardiff in this area? Or is it too late to pursue that avenue?
>> Kind regards
>> Niki
>> Niki Price
>> Bid Manager
>> Research & Innovation Services
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