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Ing. He talked to her a little, and she answered in half-shy, frightened
tones, but underneath he detected a note of passion--such as he felt for
her. She was fourteen years old, you see, and fully developed,
partly because she was half-witted, and partly

because of these hot temperatures
under the Equator. Thus it befell that every morning Mercier arose
early, clad his feet in noisy, clapping sandals, and went out for a walk
along the red road underlying the mountain. And every
morning, almost by accident, he met
the half-witted child with her faithful Kling attendant.
And the Kling, squatting down upon
his heels, chewed areca nut, and spat widely and indifferently, while

Mercier sat down beside the little girl and wondered how long he could
stand it--before his control gave way. For she was a little animal, you
see, and yearned for him in a sort of fourteen-year-old style, fostered
by the intense heat of the Tropics.

But Mercier, not yet very long from home,
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