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Dom Mar 28 22:59:12 CEST 2010

D.... Come, tell me, I've something to ask you: come
here every one, and
I'll ask you: Why am I so good? You know I am good. I'm very good....
Come, why am I so
good?" So Grushenka babbled
on, getting
more and more drunk. At last she announced that she was
going to dance, too. She got up from her chair, staggering. "Mitya,
don't give me any more wine--if I ask you, don't give it to me. Wine
doesn't give peace. Everything's going round, the stove,
and everything. I want to dance. Let every one see how I dance ... let
them see how beautifully I dance...."

She really meant it. She pulled a white cambric
handkerchief out of her pocket, and
took it by
one corner in her right hand,
to wave it in the dance. Mitya ran to and fro, the girls were quiet,
and got ready to break into a dancing
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