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Small or frivolous in the story. The author deals with tremendous
passions working at the height of their energy. His characters
are stern, rugged, determined men and women, governed by powerful

prejudices and iron conventions, types
of a military people, in whom the sense of duty
has been cultivated until it dominates all other motives, and in whom

principle of 'noblesse oblige' is, so
far as the aristocratic class is concerned, the
fundamental rule of conduct. What such people may be capable of is

shown."--_New York Tribune._ A ROMAN SINGER. "One of Mr. Crawford's
most charming stories--a love romance pure and simple."--_Boston Home
Journal._ "'A Roman Singer' is one of his most finished, compact, and
successful stories, and contains a splendid picture of Italian
Mail._ * * * * * MACMILLAN & CO., 66 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. MR.
ISAACS. A Tale of Modern India. "The writer first shows the hero in
relation with the people
of the East and then skilfully brings into connection the Anglo-Saxon
race. It is in this showing of the different effects which the two
classes of minds have upon the central
figure of the story that one of its chief merits lies. The characters
are original, and one does not recognize any of the hackneyed
personages who are so
apt to be considered indispensable to novelists, and
which, dressed in on
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