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Ently, and it is time to carry them back to their places from which they
came. The same author relates that the people of the country of Juliers
used the same practice; for that, at a certain season of the year, they
carried their bees to the foot of mountains that were covered with wild
thyme. M. Maillet, who was the French Consul in Egypt in 1692, says in
his curious description of Egypt; "that in spite of the ignorance and
rusticity which have got possession of that country, there yet remain in
it several traces of the industry and skill of the ancient Egyptians."
One of their most admirable contrivances is, the sending their bees
annually into different districts to collect food, at a time when they
could not find any at home. About the end October, all such inhabitants
of Lower Egypt, as have hives of bees, embark them on the Nile, and
convey them up that river quite into Upper Egypt; observing to time it
so that they arrive there just when the inundation is withdrawn, the
lands have been sown, and the flowers begin to bud. The hives thus sent
are marked and numbered by their respective owners, and placed
pyramidically in boats prepared for the purpose. After they have
remained some time at their furthest station, and are supposed to have
gathered all the pollen and honey they could find in the fields within
two or three leagues around, their conductors convey them in the same
boats, two or three leagues lower down, and there leave the laborious
insects so long a time as is necessary for them to collect all the
riches of this spot. Thus the nearer they come to the place of 
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