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Esture of respect and welcome. "One of the best men in Acadia should be
of advantage to us here. But I regret madame's exposure. You were not by
yourselves attempting to reach Montcalm's camp?" "How do I know,
monsieur the cure? My daughter commanded this expedition." Denys of
Bonaventure shrugged his shoulders and spread his palms with a smile.
"We were going to knock at the door of the cure of Petit Cap," said the
lady. "There was nothing else for us to do; but the English appeared."
Successive shots at the loopholes proved that the English had not yet
disappeared. Denys seized his gun again, and turned to the defense,
urging that the children and women be sent out of the way of balls.
Father Robineau, on his part, gave instant command to the miller's wife,
and she climbed the stairs again, heading a long line of distressed
neighbors. The burrs were in the second story, and here the roaring of
the mill took possession of all the shuddering air. Every massive joist
half growing from dimness overhead was hung with ghostly shreds of
cobweb; and on the grayish whiteness of the floor the children's naked
soles cut out oblongs dotted with toe-marks. Mother Sandeau made her way
first to an inclosed corner, and looked around to invite the attention
of her followers. Such violence had been done to her stolid habits that
she seemed to need the sight of her milk-room to restore her to
intelligent action. The group was left in half darkness while she thrust
her candle into the milk-room, showing its orderly array of flowered
bowls amidst moist coolness. Here was a promise of sustenance to people
dependent for the next mouthful of food. "It will l
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