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R careful cultivation of the inappropriate, to be linked forever with
his name. The easy exaggeration which
is a distinctive
feature of American humour, and about which so much
has been said and written, has its counterpart in sober and
truth-telling England, though we are always amazed when we find it
there, and fall to wondering, as we
never wonder at home, in what spirit it was received. There are two
kinds of exaggeration; exaggeration of statement, which is a somewhat
form of humour, and exaggeration of phrase, which implies a dexterous
misuse of language, a skilful juggling with words. Sir John Robinson
gives, as an admirable instance of exaggeration of statement, the
remark of an American
in London that his dining-room ceiling was so low that he could not
have anything for dinner but soles. Sir John thought this could
have been said only by an American, only by
one accustomed to have a joke swiftly catalogued as a joke, and

to pass. An English jester must always take into account the mental
attitude which finds "Gulliver's Travels" "incredible." When Mr. Edward
FitzGerald said that the church
at Woodbridge was so damp that fungi
grew about the communion rail, Woodbridge ladies offe
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