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But I don't think the committee who pick the books for Mr. Parker know what books

are of Joseph's race--or perhaps they don't care. It was so
seldom I got one I really liked that I gave up getting any." "I hope you'll look on our bookshelves as your own," said
Anne. "You are entirely and wholeheartedly welcome to the loan of any
book on them." "You are setting a feast of fat things before me," said Leslie, joyously. Then,
as the clock struck ten, she rose,

half unwillingly. "I must go. I
didn't realise it was so late. Captain Jim is always saying it doesn't take long to stay an hour. But I've stayed two--and oh, but I've enjoyed them," she added frankly. "Come often," said Anne and Gilbert. They had risen and stood together

in the firelight's glow. Leslie looked at them--youthful,
hopeful, happy, typifying all she had missed and must forever miss. The light went out of her face and eyes; the girl vanished; it was
the sorrowful, cheated
woman who answered the invitation almost coldly and got herself away with a pitiful haste. Anne watched her until she was lost in the shadows
of the chill and misty night. Then
she turned slowly back to the glow of her own radiant hearthstone.
"Isn't she lovely, Gilbert? Her hair fascinates me. Miss Cornelia says it reaches to her feet. Ruby Gillis had beautiful hair--but
Leslie's is ALIVE--every thread
of it is living gold." "She is very beautiful," agreed Gilbert, so heartily that Anne almost wished he were a LITTLE less enthusiastic. "Gilbert, would you like my hair better if it were like Leslie's?"

she asked wistfully.

"I wouldn't have your hair any color but just what it is for the world,"
said Gilbert, with one or two convincing accompaniments. You wouldn't be ANNE if you had golden hair--or
hair of any color but"-- "Red," said Anne, with gloomy satisfaction. "Yes, red--to give warmth to that milk-white
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