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dani dani.berzas at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 23:12:57 CET 2012

Hola gentes,
gracias Samer por mandar la transcripción de la reunión del 12 de enero.

Me siento muy identificado con algunas de las cosas que se dicen.

Me gustaría seguir colaborando y empiezo por una sugerencia:
que haya una manera de recuperar usuario/password. :-)



vjrj: so ... the goal is to empower no tech people
samer: the ideal thing would be to facilitate the use of Kune by non-geeks
millaguie: so... we need betatesters who don't know what a betatester is
petrizzo: must have some clues to solve this, I think it is more difficult
to convince of the need to use a tool to someone who does not believe he
needed someone who does not know how to use it.
samer: Kune focuses on
   1) collaboration (building things together, not just communicating),
   2) work / activism
liquidquartz: I repeat my point of to make a podcast, videoblog, in order
to attract people without the habit of reading. The Flyer is great, a goood
voice will make it perfect in a audio or video release
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