[kune-devel] Wave gadgets => G+ gadgets =>? Kune gadgets?

Samer samer at ourproject.org
Sat Jan 14 12:27:51 CET 2012

Hey there,

I don't know if you were aware, but Google decided last year to provide a
space for wave gadgets to run (so they continue being usable after google
wave closure):

and now they have merged that into Google+ (specifically, into G+ Hangouts):

That meants that developers can already use their wave gadgets in
Google+... It's not as powerful as wave as it is all centralized, but still
it is something to take into account.

At least, if they are going to use the same API, those gadgets built for G+
might also work in wave and therefore in Kune*.

*: For those unaware, Kune includes Apache Wave, the free/libre software
version of Google Wave.



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